Eatmyink 2021 PRI Coverage

PRI was back in business in 2021 and Eatmyink was in the aisles—albeit busier than usual with a gig for editorial partner Race Engine Technology magazine. You’ve see some shots on Facebook, but here’s the full Monty—starting off with the shot above with Mika Wheeler, Courtlan Whiting, Dystany Spurlock, Chase Van Sant and Broderick “Hollywood” Jackson in the Trick-Tools booth.

I saw a lot of Tommy Bolton. Here he is with Advanced Sleeve‘s Jeff Zaugg.

And here’s a video Tommy talking about some Advanced Sleeve parts and getting comfortable on Rich Vreeland‘s Top Fuel Harley. “It’s serious,” Tommy said about riding with Rich. “He’s given me a number.”

Bolton getting his tuck on

Vreeland’s Top Fuel Harley made Steve Johnson all googly-eyed

I walked up on a conversation between Johnson and Vreeland about NHRA rules, which you can follow in this video:

Still under the influence of nitro, Bolton went down to the AHDRA booth, where he lost round after round on the practice tree to his OK City runnin’ partner Jesse James McPherson. AHDRA’s Bill Rowe says “Come race nitro!”

Dedicated Bill Rowe was in the AHDRA booth despite losing his father earlier in the week.

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Top Fuel Harley owner/builder/tuner Red Rhea talking EFI and nitro in the FuelTech booth.
Skip Gladstone hovering over a set of Kinsler injector stacks on a sprint car small block.

WWB’s Mot briefly escaped the confines of the Worldwide Bearings booth. Here he’s seen spurning the advances of Brian Drapeau while David Conforti masters the fingerpoint. 
Trick-Tools’ Bruce and Chase Van Sant flanking CHA’s Tom and Amanda Patsis.

Full Spectrum’s Jason Levitt with his crew and Angelle Sampey’s Suzuki.
Mr. Drain Daddie himself, Mike Beland, with his lovely gal Laurie, along with Williford Racing’s John Gover and Jordan Haase.

Awning king Dean Dubbin with superscribe Susan Wade
Top Fuel stud Mike Salinas with two-wheeler Frank Velasco and new Scrappers guy Cole…or Nate…or something…

It’s Nettie! Hanging out at the Total Venue Concepts booth.
Robbie Hunnicutt, Tee Parker and their gals

Hawaiian PSM hopeful Tracy Arakaki on the hunt for his Motor Trend TV program
Vreeland with RFC’s David McCreary

RFC’s Kevin Cooke

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