English Beat: Moxley at the ’21 Green Light Nationals

The weather forecast was not very good for the ACU Championships’ Green Light Nationals, so a lot of riders took the opportunity to do the test session on Friday. There were four qualifying sessions planned for Saturday, but rain meant only one session, which was not completed. Four classes did their qualifying on Sunday.

Rain disrupted eliminations and only a handful of classes got to race their finals.


With Stuart Crane not entered for this event, it was a chance for the rest of the Funnybike riders to close the points gap.

Tony Clark (featured photo above) was the only rider to put a good pass in with a 7.942 at 178.52 miles per hour. Dave Peters had a miss-fire and turbo issue, and went 9.042 at 137 mph.

Jiri Lukes

Jiri Lukes also had miss-fire problems off the start line and ran 10.998. Kevin Osman had his front forks fail and was out of the show.

Lorcan Parnell fitted a new rear tyre for the event and did a test run on Friday. Saturday morning, the team had to do a repair and missed the only qualifying session and was out the show.

Tony Clark had a bye to the final and ran 7.556 at a new personal best for both the bike and rider at 191.32 mph. In the other semi, Peters shot out the gate only to slow at mid-track. Lukes miss-fired off the start line and managed to pass Peters for the win.

It was all Clark in the final, taking the win 7.237 at another p/b speed of 192.97 for his first ACU Funnybike event win.  As for Lukes, he had a back fire from the carbs, which burnt some wiring. Jiri was ok.

Comp Bike

Louis Davies

Louis Davies and Jordan Kenway had their Saturday qualifying times cancelled because they were the only two Comp Bike riders to make a pass before rain ended the day.

Sean Mills was the number one qualifier (on Sunday) with a 7.57. Davies had a nitrous system fail and ran 8.9.  Chris Neary was next with a 9.49, and Kenway had a gearshift issue.

Chris Neary (left) and Sean Mills waiting for a dry track

Mills had repaired his engine for this event and ran 7.385-186.65 in E1 to beat Kenway’s 9.058-155.24. But Mills felt his engine wasn’t right and decided to skip the final. In the other semi, Davies ran 7.187 to beat Neary’s personal best of 7.702.

Davies put bigger jets in to attempt a 6 second pass in the final on his solo pass. He ran 7.066 with a personal best speed of 188.92 to extend his points lead.

Super Street Bike

Alan Morrison Jr.

Alan Morrison Jr. sent a warning shot during Friday’s test session with a 7.093-203.37 out of the trailer.

Making his first appearance this season, Garry Bowe ran 7.20 sec in test session. Bowe is running Methanol for the first time and damaged his cylinder head, which put him out of the competition.

Morrison Jr. ran a jaw dropping 6.942-211.81 to record his first 6 for him and the bike and a personal best speed. Steve Venables had a new colour scheme for his bike and ran a best of 7.111-210.83.

Stephen Mead

Stephen Mead ran a personal best speed with a 7.175-208.88. Mark Hope was next at 7.194, followed by Mark Dainty 7.313, and Jake Mechaell 7.429.

Jake Mechaell

Steve Wood ran 8.190-175. Dave Smith has a new MoTeC ECU and was looking for a baseline, running 8.316. Outside the show Alex Hope, who spun his rear tyre off the start line and ran 10.545. Len Paget struggled to get off the start line, but ran his best speed to date with a 182.87 on the ex-Barry Henson bike. Ross Morrison broke on the start line with a launch problem.

Round 1 of eliminations and Morrison Jr drifted to the centreline at the finish and had to ease off. Smith almost beat him.

Mark Dainty

Mark Hope broke while staging against Dainty. Wood broke at the 100 foot mark against Venables. And Mead came from behind with a 7.172 to beat Mechaell’s 7.282 with a p/b speed of 198.11.

Morrison Jr turned the wick up and ran a personal best of 6.913 at 211.91 to Dainty’s best of the weekend 7.204-201.57. There was a shock in the other semi when Venables redlit and wasted a 6.911-217.88 against Mead. Rain stopped the event so the final wasn’t run.

8.50 Bike

Jay Roe

Alan Morrison was the 8.50 Bike number one qualifier with an 8.534, with reigning champion Jay Roe second at 8.641. Both Chris Reed and Steve Howe broke out during qualifying.

Steve Howe

In the first semifinal, both Howe (8.478) and Morrison (8.419) broke out. Howe goes to the final.

In the other semi, Roe beat Jasmine Cordelle 8.592 to 8.889.

Rain fell in the final when the riders were about to do their burnouts.

9.50 Bike

Brett Cordelle

Craig Wright led the 9.50 Bike field with a 9.614, ahead of Brett Cordelle’s 9.676, Martin Hallett’s 9.680 and Bradley Head’s 9.697.

Bradley Head

There was a shock in round one when Head beat Wright 9.542 to 9.749, and Head had a bye to his first final.  Cordelle beat both Philip Harrison and Richard Sawatzki to reach the final.

ET Bike

Phil Pratt

Paul Adams led the ET Bike field in qualifying with a 9.055 (dial-in 8.95). Phil Pratt was next with a 9.047 (8.94) followed by Bill Marsh’s 9.372 (9.25).

Bill Marsh

Blade King knocked out Adams in round two of eliminations and Marsh beat King in the semi to reach his first final of the year. Pratt beat a red lighting Michael Gooding and Justin Malton to reach the final.

Outlaw Anglia

Colin Millar (near lane) vs Jedd Guy in their historic race

History was made during qualifying when Jedd Guy and Colin Millar came to the start line and ran the quickest and fastest side by side in Outlaw Anglia history. Guy went 7.099 with a personal best speed of 192.12 and Millar ran 7.175-192.24.

Jon Webster

Jon Webster was next with a 7.495-180.68. Paul Watson was helping Mick Taylor, who was back in the sevens with 7.981-169.25. Fifth was Rob Stone’s 8.999 and Ben Kennedy drifted to the centreline for a 13.160.

Mick Taylor

Round one and Guy got close to the centreline and eased off to an 8.315 and still managed to beat Kennedy.  Stone redlit against Millar. Taylor ran his best of the weekend with a 7.866 but lost to Webster’s 7.334-186.59.

Guy had a bye to the final and ran 7.134 with a p/b speed of 192.88. Millar got shutdown after his burnout due to a fuel leak and Webster got out of the groove on his run.

Rain fell while the cars were in the staging lanes for the final.

Wild Bunch

Mark Coulsell

Mark Coulsell was the number one Wild Bunch qualifier with an 8.255 (dial in 8.25), with a personal best speed of 161.92. Philip James was number two at 9.529 (9.49). Robert Brown was next 8.581 (8.54). Andy Clifford was on the bump spot 9.510 (8.94). And Bob Hawkins’ engine cut out when he was staging.

Andy Clifford

Coulsell beat Brown 8.323 to 8.615. Clifford ran a personal best speed of 154.21 when he trailered James.

The final saw Clifford drift to the wall as Coulsell stormed down the track to take the winlight.

story and photos by Steven Moxley

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