Santa Pod’s Festival of Power Junior Dragbikes!

British racer Brett Cordelle has graciously compiled a series of Junior Dragbike team reports from the Festival of Power for publication here on Eatmyink. It’s a far cry from the full event reporting done by our beloved, late Steven Moxley, but it keeps Eatmyink in touch with the goings on at Santa Pod and hopefully will lead to more thorough event coverage. Photos are supplied by the teams. Thanks Brett!

Here are qualifying results (courtesy of Eurodragster) from the rained-out event


Boss Boys Racing

The Festival of Power is Boss Boys Racing second SPRC race meeting and we feel it went amazingly. Isaiah went from qualifying round 1 8th place to 12th in qual 2; to 1st in round 3 to 4th in qualifying round 4. Rico went from qualifying 12th in round 1; to 8th in round 2 to 7th in round 3 and securing 7th place in Qualifying 4.

Isaiah and his teammate Rico are doing well considering they are both new to the sport this season. They have understood that there can only be one winner and show promising sportsmanship. Isaiah one day hopes to ride the 750cc supercharged Truimph inherited from Grandad Harrold, who introduced Isaiah to drag racing before he could walk. Isaiah’s Grandad is no longer with us, but the racing spirit and passion remains.

Rico is running a 125cc 4-stroke in cherry apple red with gold detail with an aptly positioned No Fear sticker on the rear end of the body. This young man is just 10 years old but tall for his age and full of enthusiasm. He found a love for racing with the inspiration coming from ‘Pa,’ AKA Paul Nicholls, who has loved motorbikes from his early years when his Mum and Dad owned a bike shop in Bedford.

Isaiah, 12 years, from Bedford, says: “I felt in control of the 50cc 2 stroke engine, which is the black bike with orange skulls and flames designed by RUKUS Customs. I had the last say on my dial-in with each run and even on the test day—which was rather windy—I made good decisions. At no point did I break out this weekend.

“When we needed assistance, Richard Wilcox, Sophie Pollen and Ollie King (from whom we hired the motorbike) all stepped up with advice and practical tips. And Andrew Wilcox also came to give some pointers about how to get the best from the engine given the terrible weather conditions. Overall I’m on track for a really good racing season.”

After the Easter Nationals, the standings for the team are Rico in 9th place with 320 points and Isaiah in 10th place with 310 points. We are still learning and up for the challenge of improving our race skills. We look forward to seeing how the standings are once the SPRC update the Club Championship page in the near future for the Festival of Power.

Our thanks go to Leo, Ollie and Simon, who have been fantastically supportive and fountains of knowledge. The Junior Drag Bike Club have really made Boss Boys Racing feel welcome and we are proud to be part of the growing number of Junior Drag Bikers.

Boss Boys Racing are proudly sponsored by Earth Mother Gardening and Paul Nicholls Building and Landscaping.


Richard Willcox

“I arrived at the track early Friday morning 00.20 after getting 3/4 of way to the track and realizing I’d forgotten the two stroke oil, so went back to get it,” said Richard. “Dad had done most of the setting up by himself on Thursday.

“We looked at last year’s run times in similar weather conditions. Dad suggested a  9.60 dial-in, I chose 9.55 for Q1 and I ran 9.65. For Q2 we agreed on 9.6 and as per usual I ran a curveball 9.40 (guess I must have got every shift perfect). Long wait for Q3 and it was starting to get dark at 20.10. We opted to drop the dial to 9.45 as track temp had dropped. Unfortunately we got held on the line a long time, and we should of shut off and gone back for another burnout (hindsight is a wonderful learning tool). We ran 9.53 on a 9.45 dial. Saturday Q4 9.52 dial and we ran 9.62. Left us as the No.8 qualifier.

“Unfortunately the weather wasn’t good for Sunday and we didn’t get to do any eliminations.”


John “Spud” McLean

Thursday test day went really well. For the first half of the day, Spud laid down 15 super consistent runs to get familiar with himself and the bike, with the majority of the runs being within 0.06 of each other apart from the final 4, when we tried a few different things to see if he could improve his technique.

Fridays qualifying consisted of 3 runs with the wind now turned 180 into a tailwind. He ended the day in 10th with a 11.79 on a 11.70 dial.

Saturday would turn into a 1 shot final qualifier to improve due to poor weather. Spud got his head together an ran a 11.72 on a 11.70 dial-in, this moving him up to 5th. However, every single one of the kids in the Junior Drag Bike Club where smashing it this weekend with the top 10 separated by just 1 tenth of a second.

Sadly, the poor weather returned late Saturday night and we woke up Sunday to a very soggy, flooded Santa Pod Raceway and the event was called off at lunchtime due to no let-up with the rain.

This does, however, mean Spud will now go into the 3rd round at the Sportsman Nationals in June with an increased championship lead and will be trying his best to hold onto that. Massive thanks to everyone in the Junior DragBike Club for having us over the weekend


Hollie King

“We arrived at Pod on the Wednesday night ready for the test day Thursday,” said Hollie. “The first run didn’t go to plan—I wasn’t fully straight when going into stage and the bike spun and chucked me off. Luckily the bike was okay and so was I—just a bit sore and bruised but blade took the bike back to the pits while the medical team were checking me over and I was back out half an hour later.

“Friday comes and got 2 qualifying runs in, and then the Saturday the weather was terrible—meaning we only got one run in. Sunday the event was called due to terrible weather.

“The qualifying positions were very close, well done to no. 1 and no. 2 qualifiers! I will be out next for the Main Event can’t wait!”


Jaxon King

“Hi, I’m Jaxon. I’m 9 years old and in my 2nd year of Junior Bike.

“We did test day and that went well with me being consistent on my times. Qualifying didn’t go very well as I had a misfire, then my bike went too fast. Then Sunday I didn’t get to run as the weather was horrible, so the meeting got called.

“I’m looking forward to running at the Main Event.”

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