Smash-Up Unlimited

Daytona 500 NASCAR Sprint Cup Race, Daytona International Speedway, Florida, USA February 2014

story by Tim Hailey, with photos from Chevrolet

NASCAR starts the year off by wiping out most of the field

If you missed Saturday night’s NASCAR season-opening Sprint Unlimited, you missed a typical “Big One,” followed by a win scored by Denny Hamlin—who seemed to be the strongest anyway. But the highlight, without question, was Danica Patrick getting needlessly clipped by boy friend Ricky Stenhouse Jr. She went low to avoid the Big One, clipping the infield grass and going into a long, harmless slide. Stenhouse, his hood crumpled and apparently obscuring his vision, kept on the gas anyway and sheared off the right side of Patrick’s car. Insert cliche here…