Hines still on top at SGMP

NHRA pre-Gators test at SGMP
when: March 10-11, 2014
where: South Georgia Motorsports Park, Valdosta, USA

photos and photos by Tim Hailey

brought to you by McKinney Motorsports

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A very confident Andrew Hines remains on top with a 6.80 after 2 days of testing at SGMP

An equally confident Eddie Krawiec ponders a 4th championship MORE PHOTOS

Is Fin Fred Fredlund the next V-Rod rider??!! MORE PHOTOS

…probably not, but Fredlund did run 6.94 on this Suzuki

Jimmy Underdahl’s 6.84 performance on the Suzuki can’t be overrated MORE PHOTOS

Jerry Savoie improved to 6.90 with Tim Kulungian’s tuning MORE PHOTOS

Ashley Owens finished his two days with an eighth mile 4.07 on his Pro Mod….PHOTOS

Owens’ teammate Eric McKinney matched Ashley’s 4.07 before the team loaded up for Ohio

EARLIER: V-Rods back on top at SGMP

“Show off,” Andrew Hines said as teammate Eddie Krawiec ran a 6.86 at 196 mph Monday afternoon at the annual pre-Gators test at South Georgia Motorsports Park near Valdosta. Hines then ripped off an .835, and later an .823 to lead the day.

Jimmy Underdahl’s Suzuki split the two V&H Harleys with a 6.843

3X champ Krawiec rebounded with an .849

“Arrrrrrrgh,” seems to be what Pro Mod pirate Ashley Owens is saying, as he squints and burns out his McKinney Motorsports Suzuki. The McKinney team is breaking in engines and cleaning out the carb and nitrous cobwebs.

2X ADRL champ Eric McKinney is getting ready for the Rockingham PDRA opener and the April ManCup race back at SGMP in April

Katie Sullivan nailed a 6.92 on her iriedescent zebra TL1000

Jerry Savoie knocking the swamp mud off of the White Alligator Racing Suzuki

72 year old Joey D, Modern Outlaw!

Tiny 2-stroke pilot Brian Pretzel is working on his NHRA license aboard this Gann PSM Suzuki

With Sebastian Domingo on hand, Walter Sprout ran 6.98 and 207 mph on his Pro Street ‘Busa

Nitro is represented by Canadian Damien Cowden’s Harley, who blew up at the end of the day

And then there was Terrell Jackson, lapping 9teens and a 9.0 on this ‘Busa streetbike