Forecast Keeps Away People Who Wouldn’t Have Raced Anyway

story and photos by Tim Hailey

These guys may not have raced either, but at least they showed up for what turned out to be great weather

Look, I don’t want to give people too hard a time for not traveling great distances to races, but at least read the damn forecast and don’t just go by the picture. A 30% chance of isolated showers will always show a cloud and rain in the graphic, but that’s a very slim chance of rain, especially by springtime standards. So it is that a slim crowd showed up at Rockingham Dragway for Dano McGee’s Grudgement Day for what turned out to a be a rainless day. Sadly, few who showed seemed to have brought their wallets, and only two races busted off. What the hell people?

Rickey Grayson (staged with the back wheel in far lane) and Richard Gadson always come to race

Gadson, on Sandy, launches and is clearly more than a bike back at this point. MORE PHOTOS

Two who always come to race are Rickey Grayson and Richard Gadson, and they did. An all-motor deal for 3 coins, Grayson staged with the back tire. The tree came down, the bikes launched, and Gadson looked to be losing ground in the photo above. Many at the starting line thought Richard made up all the ground by the 330. Richard said “No way” and Curtis McDougald—watching from 1000 feet—agreed. “People really need to watch these races from a thousand feet,” said Curtis. “It’s a whole different view up there. Richard just got passed him when they went by me. It was close.”

Team Possum also always comes to race, but Lil’ Dusty spun off the line and lost to Lonnie Corley

Grayson seems to be taunting all the non-racing, non-weather report reading folks out there. MORE PHOTOS

Kyron Drake was making passes on three bikes, including this 1000. MORE PHOTOS

I think Eric Hart and his dad Brother N’ Law have been at every race I’ve attended this year, or so it seems

When not watching races from 1000 feet, Curtis McDougald was hot lapping this clean ZX14. MORE PHOTOS

Caleb McDougald cruising the pits with a young fan. MORE PHOTOS

Lil’ Dusty on a handclutch ‘Busa. MORE PHOTOS

Grudgement Day photo gallery

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Gonna be a great night at The Rock as clouds have cleared. Caleb McDougald shakes down Sneaky Pete.

Grudgement Day photo gallery

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