Catching up with NHDRO

Midwest motorcycle drag racing series NHDRO up-shifted to a travel-friendly 5 race series this year and this weekend’s Mid-Season Sizzle at Louisville’s Ohio Valley Dragway marks the halfway point already. Eatmyink will be there, and was at the June Motorcycle Madness event at Edgewater Sports Park in Cleves, Ohio.

When I think of Edgewater, the first racer that comes to mind is Jeremy England (featured photo above). Jeremy won both Advanced Sleeve Dirty 30 and Kevin Dennis Insurance Street ET there in June. “My weekend at Edgewater was a pretty good one,” said England. “Winning Street ET Saturday felt pretty good. My red Gen1 has always been my favorite bike, so to get another win on it was awesome.” Steve Clark’s slow-mo 15.54 dial-in didn’t freak out England in that one, whose .157 “Riverside Avenue” starting line advantage salted the win away.

“I qualified with a 9.39 in dirty 30. It’s really tough slowing down to 9.30 but the method I use works pretty good. Each round was a great race and even in the final round against Jonah I had a .011 light to his .014. Jonah (Allen) is a good friend of mine so to race him in the final was awesome.” His 9.39 was also closer to the 9.30 index than Allen’s 9.41.

“My Gen2 ‘Busa was on fire, but I lost a great race to Kevin Haag in the semifinals of Top Gas. I also rode my Gen2 ‘Busa in Pro ET, where I made it down to the last 8 where Rashad Rowe really stuck it to me with a .008 light.

“All in all it was a great weekend. I owe Jordan Hall a big thanks for the help all weekend and taking care of the kids while I’m racing. Also big thanks to David Liguori with Liguori Drag Racing and Marcus McBain with M2 shocks. David is always a huge help and my right hand man on keeping my bikes on track and hauling tail. I’ve learned a lot from David over the years and together we’ve really done some cool stuff with these FuelTech systems. Also thanks to Edgewater for keeping a great racing surface for us all weekend long. Their track staff does a great job week in and week out.”

David Beshara

Ohio racer David Beshara overcame troubles to win Saturday’s MSP Racing Pro ET race despite a .002 light by Jeremy Teasley. Beshara had a sharp .019 and kept his cool to win a double breakout final round.

“It was a hard fought weekend, I had so many issues,” said Beshara. “It all started Friday night. My clutch magnet stopped working and we kept blowing fuses and the delay box was acting up. Greg Mallett came over and gave me a new clutch lever, that didn’t work. What we found out was the magnet wires were exposed and shorting out the fuse and delay box. Jeremy Teasley stopped at Jegs to pick up a new delay box before heading to the track.

“Then on Saturday, first round of Pro ET, I left in second gear and toasted the clutch, so I had to find a new clutch. Thanks to Joe Deck, he had a one. So I tried it first round of Quick Comp. I raced Dave Page and it was pulling me through the beams so I came back to the pits and changed the clutch again with all used OEM clutches and it started to work as it should.

“After all the hard work Friday night in managed to finish third in the free entry 8.90 class, thanks to Dave Page. On Saturday I made it to the finals in Pro ET and managed to take the win.

“Sunday was a new day. Didn’t do so well in Pro ET, I believe I lost in the third or fourth round to Evan Mallet. I did find myself once again in the finals of Quick Comp and lost to Greg Mallet.

“Not a bad weekend of racing all in all, hope to do better this coming weekend. I hope to find myself in some more finals this weekend.”

Greg Mallett

David Beshara’s .019 light was good enough to win Pro ET, so Greg Mallett put the same number on Beshara in the Page Racing Quick Comp 8.80 final. That was enough against Beshara’s .049 to allow Mallett to win with an 8.83 vs. Dave’s 8.81.

Brian Welch

NHDRO’s own Brian Welch put down the mic and jumped on his MSP-prepared “Big Greezy” for the Big Rider’s Shooutout win over Beshara. “It was good to beat a tough competitor like Dave,” said Welch. “I look forward to him and other 250+ riders getting involved in the shootouts.”

My results sheet has Jeremy Teasley winning a 200 pound Shootout over Fernaldo “Big Mane” Greer…..200 pounds? Did Jeremy carry a passenger, or did they type in the wrong Teasley?

Marty White

Marty White was able to manage three finals and two wins on his deceptive “Kabusa” including Kevin Dennis Insurance Street ET against Evan Yost in the final. “All I can say is I love NHDRO, Niki and Brian Welch for giving all us racers the opportunity to do what we love safely!” said White. “The racing family that we have developed with everyone has been nothing short of amazing! To be able to come out with my friends and family, have our traditional Saturday night taco bar and occasionally go some rounds is icing on the cake! I couldn’t ask for a better venue to enjoy with my family and friends!”

White went on to describe how much fun NHDRO races are. “No fun no go, I think sometimes people lose sight of that, which is sad. If go out first round or I’m in the winners circle, doesn’t matter to me. I’m there with family and friends. That where I feel like a winner.”

Rashad Rowe

Rashad Rowe is taking MSP Racing Pro ET seriously this year, and that attitude seriously paid off with a win. “Long hot weekend where I made about 40 passes between both bikes,” said Rowe. “This is my first year running Pro ET points. My Pro ET bike is also my Top Gas bike. Was able to qualify number 1 in Top Gas, but bowed out second round to Jeremy Himes, who I also raced in the finals in Pro ET where I was able to take the win in a close .003 victory margin.” Indeed, both riders were dead on their index with a .004, the tight difference coming at the tree.

“Excited to get back to Louisville this weekend and race close to our hometown, Frankfort.”

The Brothers Rowe and Evan Yost in the winner’s circle

Rashad’s brother Rylan Rowe joined him in the winners circle with a Page Racing Quick Comp Shootout Big Check. “Thanks to Dave Page and NHDRO for throwing a free entry race!” said Rylan. “Thankful to win, especially with the 45 bike field we had with a-lot of big name racers. Also, thankful I get to do this alongside my big brother, who won this weekend also. It was special to have his daughter, my niece, there to witness her first race with us both winning.”

Jeremy Himes Jr.

MPS Pro ET runner-up Jeremy Himes Jr.took the CC Powersports Top Gas 8.20 win. His .009 advantage at the stripe against Kevin Haag coupled with a .016 pad at the stripe for the final round win.

“I couldn’t do any of this without my family and team behind me,” said Himes. “My dad for supporting me and helping me with whatever I need also telling me to get my head out of my ass and get my routine down ! Can’t forget thank Jeremy Teasley with the tunes and constantly helping with the bike. He’s been such a huge help for my race program I honestly couldn’t do it without him. I want to also thank Brian for putting on such an awesome event! Hopefully we can keep this up for Jeremy England’s races!

Justin Hodge

Justin Hodge beat Horatio Williams in the Stock ECU Shootout. “Just to thank the entire NHDRO family for putting on the events.”

See you this weekend at Ohio Valley!


story and photos by Tim Hailey

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