Pingel Saves Top Fuel Motorcycle

Pingel Enterprise owners Donna and Wayne Pingel have signed the check that will save Top Fuel Motorcycle in the USA. Wisconsin-based otorcycle performance parts manufacturer Pingel will sponsor the blown nitro bikes at four NHRA races in the 2024 season. Those events will be at Route 66 Raceway, Virginia Motorsports Park, Brainerd International Raceway, and the fall race at zMAX Dragway. The motorcycles will fall in line with other nitro classes and race to 1000 feet.

Donna and Wayne Pingel

“Fortunately, we have the commitment of quite a few racers in the US and overseas, so we are hoping for an exciting year,” said Donna Pingel. “We really look forward to this year.”

This is no small gift by this couple that has already given so much to the class over the decades. The asking price for the four race sponsorship was $60,000, with $40,000 going to the purse and $20,000 to NHRA. While this may or may not be the final numbers, this is the ballpark we’re talking about.

In mid January, there was no sign of this kind of money flowing in to make all of this happen. Without this sponsorship, racers would have had to pay their entries, race for free, and receive no Wally for their efforts. That’s the same boat that Top Fuel Harley has been in with NHRA for the last few year. As their NHRA participation withered and died, Top Fuel Harley racers at least have other places to race (AMRA and AHDRA). Top Fuel Motorcycles don’t have many other options to race in the US, and the Pingel‘s generosity has saved them for at least another year.

story and photos by Tim Hailey

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