Pro Stock Motorcycle’s WAR Introducing Reddy Parts to NHRA

NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle’s White Alligator Racing (WAR) is making big moves, as the popular team recently changed ownership. Today the team announces Alabama-based Reddy Parts as its first ever primary partner.

“Reddy Parts is a resourceful company whose product line is perfect for the NHRA drag racing community,” said WAR owner/tuner Tim Kulungian. “They provide rubber tracks, teeth, and undercarriage wear parts for construction and mining vehicles, so they’re the perfect match for the hard working, enterprising NHRA audience.”

Alabama-based Reddy Parts sources and sells the best rubber tracks, steel undercarriage components and high quality hardware for buckets and blades from all around the world inside the USA.

“We couldn’t be more excited to represent Reddy Parts or more proud that they chose us to do the job,” added Kulungian.

Reddy Parts continues a focus that WAR has established, representing industrial partners that are tailor-made for NHRA. While Reddy Parts will be the primary sponsor of the team, WAR’s bikes will continue to feature their own individual sponsors, including the Trick-Tools Suzuki ridden by 2023 NHRA Rookie of the Year Chase Van Sant.

“NHRA racers, crew, and fans are a perfect sampling of our core customers,” said Chase’s father Bruce Van Sant, the founder and owner of Trick-Tools. One small example of the benefits of NHRA exposure occurred when recently retired Funny Car driver Tim Wilkerson came to the Trick-Tools booth at PRI this year looking for tools for his team.

The WAR bike of Chris Bostick is still available for sponsor representation, so join the team!

White Alligator Racing is now known as WAR powered by TK Motorsports.

story and photo by Tim Hailey

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