Webb and Kitchen Clear the Dishes at Anaheim 2

Monster Energy Yamaha Star Racing’s Cooper Webb became the fourth different Monster Energy AMA Supercross winner in four rounds when he took the victory at the Anaheim 2 Supercross in front of 43,753 fans in Angel Stadium. Anaheim 2 was the first of three Triple Crown events this year which combine the results from three races to determine one winner on the night. Webb won the overall with (2-2-5) race results.

Going (5-7-1), Monster Energy Yamaha Star Racing’s Eli Tomac had the crowd cheering when he earned second place overall with a win in the final race of the evening as the sport celebrates 50 years of racing this year. Last week’s winner, Red Bull KTM’s Aaron Plessinger, earned third place with (6-4-3) and retains the points lead heading into Round 5.

“If you do really well the first two [races], the third one sometimes is easy,” said Webb. “I had a lot of wiggle room [in Race #3] and could just, honestly, have a solo ride in fifth place. But it is a little bit weird, for sure, to not go over the checkered flag first. But I think that’s kinda the unique thing about the Triple Crown, is we’ve seen a lot of this happen. You can have big point swings, and you can have one bad race and then have two good ones [and] you end up on the podium and something like that. So it’s never over for sure in these kind of situations… I saw Jason [Anderson] right in front of me [in Race #3], he went down, and it probably wasn’t the best thing for me, because it was instantly like, ‘All right, I can just kinda chill,’ but I was grateful to put myself in that situation.”

“I was pretty frustrated after those first two [races],” said Tomac. “I was like, ‘Okay, here I’m just – what am I now, fifth – seventh place guy right now?’ I don’t know. I just had to go do something, I had to get off the gate there, so it was good. It was good. Had a good flow. I was able to get the whoop combo down, and I felt like that was important for me, and yeah, felt good.”

“I knew Detroit was the next race and I really, really wanted to carry the red plate into Detroit, given the events that happened last year,” said Plessinger, who crashed while leading Detroit in 2023. “That’s gonna be a special race and yeah, I’m ready for it. I’m ready to get back to Florida this week and put in some work and then go up to the freezing cold and hopefully my moustache doesn’t break off in the 20 degree weather [laughs]. But no, I’m ready to get back up there and do some damage.”

Levi Kitchen

The Western Regional 250SX Class held its second round and Levi Kitchen became the fourth rider in four rounds—just like the 450 class—to take home a win. Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing’s RJ Hampshire battled hard in the first two races but a flat tire in the third Race took his chances at an overall victory. Monster Energy Yamaha Star Racing’s Nate Thrasher followed up a win last weekend with a third place finish at Anaheim 2.

“We’re all really close right now,” said Kitchen. “Obviously I want to be the dominant guy, but yeah, it’s closer now. You can’t start in like fifth and sixth with these guys and have them up front. You’d have to have a pretty amazing – I don’t even know what you’d have to do to be able to get up to them. I think it’s tighter than in years’ past. Especially the top five of us, we’re all pretty experienced by now, so it’s definitely tight racing.”

“For the first time in my career I had a flat tire on a Supercross track, so yeah, it was eventful,” said Hampshire. “I knew something was wrong, didn’t necessarily know what until it shot me off in the whoops… I was fine the next couple laps, and then once that rear tire breaks the bead and it’s off the rim, that’s when it gets really, really scary. But overall it was an awesome night. That first and second moto were sick. If we could do that every weekend, I mean, we’d probably get paid a lot more because that was a show. [smiles]. But like I said, that was fun. All in all, it was a really solid day.”

“[The new bike is] the same motor package but a whole different chassis,” said Thrasher. “So all the suspension characteristics are completely different. So we’re still leaning, but I think I got a good package this weekend. I felt like it was a big step in the right direction for me, and we’re still learning, still working, still trying to get a little bit better, but last week [in testing] I think we found a little bit and it showed this weekend… It was a very hardpack track out there today and on the bike I was racing a couple weekends ago I was struggling pretty bad with the hardpack. So yeah, it was definitely a little bit better spot for me.”

250SX Class Western Regional Main Event Results – Anaheim 2

  1. Levi Kitchen (Kawasaki), 1-2-3
  2. RJ Hampshire (Husqvarna), 2-1-7
  3. Nate Thrasher (Yamaha), 3-10-1
  4. Jo Shimoda (Honda). 9-3-2
  5. Jordon Smith (Yamaha), 4-8-4
  6. Anthony Bourdon (Suzuki), 8-6-8
  7. Julien Beaumer (KTM), 12-5-6
  8. Ryder DiFrancesco (GasGas), 5-7-12
  9. Garrett Marchbanks (Yamaha), 6-16-5
  10. Phil Nicoletti (Yamaha), 7-4-18

250SX Class Western Region Points Standings

  1. Levi Kitchen (Kawasaki), 84
  2. Jordon Smith (Yamaha), 84
  3. RJ Hampshire (Husqvarna), 76
  4. Garrett Marchbanks (Yamaha), 70
  5. Anthony Bourdon (Suzuki), 55
  6. Jo Shimoda (Honda), 54
  7. Mitchell Oldenburg (Honda), 51
  8. Nate Thrasher (Yamaha), 50
  9. Julien Beaumer (KTM), 48
  10. Carson Mumford (Honda), 47

Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan hosts Round 5 of the 17-round Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship next Saturday, February 3rd. The Detroit Supercross will run on a daytime schedule rather than under the lights. The racing starts at 3:00PM Eastern Time. Doors open for fans attending the race at 8:00AM Eastern Time. The race will kick off the 9-round Eastern Regional 250SX Championship.

And Supercross Futures, a part of SMX Next, held its first of five races to feature the future stars of Supercross; in what was the best battle of the night. Troy Lee Designs Red Bull GASGAS Factory Racing’s Cole Davies emerged with the victory over Monster Energy Star Yamaha’s Gavin Towers. “It was an awesome battle,” said Davies. “We were just going back and forth. And it was super tiring, I was breathing so hard and, you’re just glad to be on top… I couldn’t even feel myself. I was like so frickin – I was like in a dream it felt like.”

story, photos and video courtesy of Supercross

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