Trick-Tools Racing Featuring Baileigh Industrial for Indy and the NHRA Countdown

Trick-Tools Racing is proud to feature Baileigh Industrial on their White Alligator Racing Pro Stock Motorcycle at the upcoming NHRA U.S. Nationals and throughout the Countdown to One championship. The Manitowoc, Wisconsin-based manufacturer of metal fabrication and woodworking tools is a long-time part of the Trick-Tools product offering.

“We’ve been selling Baileigh equipment since Chase was a toddler,” said Trick-Tools owner Bruce Van Sant. His son Chase rides the Trick-Tools Suzuki and is a prominent contender for NHRA’s Road to the Future Award—AKA Rookie of the Year.

“We’re really excited to be racing with the NHRA and bringing awareness of Trick-Tools and Baileigh Industrial to the NHRA fans, racers and marketing partners.

Bruce and Chase Van Sant

“Baileigh produces a wide variety of tools and equipment and are one of our top product lines. We focus on their U.S. manufactured products at Trick-Tools and they definitely qualify for our No-Junk Guarantee. We sell a lot of their tube bending machines and metal forming and shaping equipment.

“So it’s really a super good fit for what we do at Trick-Tools and we’re really pleased to have them on board for this season or longer. We’ve actually installed a lot of their machines in race shops for chassis manufacturing, helping guys build race car chassis better and more quickly.”

“We are excited about the partnership with Trick-Tools Racing,” said Jeffrey Taylor, central region director of sales for Baileigh parent company JPW Industries. “Trick-Tools and Baileigh Industrial both have a long history of providing customers with solutions and high quality tools for chassis building and a variety of other racing support functions. The partnership was a natural fit and we are excited to see Chase and the team continue to build on their success in the NHRA!”

Building race cars and motorcycles has always been a part of the Trick-Tools mission. “In 1995, we went to the PRI (Performance Racing Industry) show with a couple of tool vendors, and that was our entry into the whole business,” continued Bruce, who was an avid Pro Modified motorcycle drag racer in his younger days.

Chase in the staging lanes

“At that time I was in the body shop business, and my goal was to be able to afford to go racing. I wanted to be involved with racing, but I needed a way to make money doing it. And so that was our entry point. Our very first customers were racing customers, and we’ve been helping race shops to increase their productivity and the accuracy of their products ever since.”

And although Bruce can still fit in his leathers, the family racing focus is firmly on 25 year-old Chase. He currently sits seventh in points in his first year riding and racing a Pro Stock Motorcycle.

Chase and the team race September 1st through 4th at the world’s biggest drag race—the U.S. Nationals at Lucas Oil Raceway Park in Brownsburg, Indiana—just outside of Indianapolis. The rest of the NHRA season is comprised of the Countdown to One races that determine champions in all of the pro classes.

If you can’t make it to the U.S. Nationals in person, you can watch coverage all weekend long on Fox. And while doing so, keep your phone or laptop browser open to to shop for Baileigh Industrial products or any of the No-Junk Guaranteed products for everything from the home shop through large industrial businesses.

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story and photos by Tim Hailey

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