Gary Stoffer Talks 2Vs, Light Weight, and Racing This Weekend

I had a great online discussion this week with Gary Stoffer, regarding his wife Karen’s Pro Stock Motorcycle entry this weekend at Seattle on their own Stoffer/Underdahl Suzuki. Remember that this is the 2 valve motored, TL1000 bodied bike that Gaige Herrara started his NHRA career on at several races last year.

With 2 valve Suzukis now allowed to race at a full 70 pounds less than Vance & Hines 4 valves, I’m looking forward to seeing what a seasoned professional like Karen can do with the combination.

Gary and Karen Stoffer

“What’s that package running across the scales at?” I asked Gary.

GARY: “Won’t know till I go over the scales.”

TIM: “You have some experience at this and probably have a good idea.”

GARY: “Peggy went over the scales at the NHRA race in Chicago at 585.”

Peggy Llewellyn on the bike at Route 66

Oh snap that’s right. Peggy Llewellyn rode the bike this year at Joliet. After a 15 year absence from the sport, Llewellyn was admittedly rusty and didn’t wring everything out of the bike that was there that time around.

“And I should have asked then,” I said about the weight. “That’s great, I look forward to seeing what you all can do together. I think it’s really cool.”

“We’ll see,” replied Gary. “Just going to have a little fun.”

TIM: “Are you short on cubes for what the rules will allow?”

GARY: “Cubes, no. Power? A lot.”

Gaige on the Stoffer/Underdahl Suzuki at Indy in ’22

TIM: “Where’s the power to be found in your motor compared to, say, what White Alligator Racing had in their best 2 valves? Or any potential 2 valve.”

GARY: “We are old school—MSD and carburetors.”

TIM: “You were the EFI pioneers back in the day, correct?”

GARY: “Actually, Geno (Scali) ran it first when he was with V&H. When they parted ways, we started running it 2008.”

TIM: “Still, one of the OGs for sure.”

GARY: “Way more sophisticated stuff now.”

Karen Stoffer and Steve Johnson in 2011

TIM: “Well cool, thanks for spicing things up. I’d like to see this path explored. I wonder if that’s what Gladstone and KB/Titan will come back out with. He’s a little guy and can make use of the weight savings, I think.”

GARY: “Well, apparently the weight isn’t that big of a deal. Gaige is still flying, and Eddie’s not too far behind.”

TIM: “I hear that. I think it’s totally wrong for NHRA to choose different weights for different cylinder head brands.”

GARY: “Absolutely wrong!! Everybody has a choice and to buy either one of them. So if you choose the Monster, so be it if it doesn’t make the same power (made) by the Vance & Hines head. Sell it and buy.”

Matt Smith uses the Monster 4V head

TIM: “And then there’s Matt (Smith), who chose the Monster because he gets better power out of it.”

GARY: “That’s a fact.”

TIM: “It’s been a real burden for V&H customers to have the extra weight because Gaige and that bike have been so good. But WAR and Chase (Van Sant) did very well this weekend.”

GARY: “They did for sure! Great to see that.

“I agree that sucks for the other customers. Gaige and Andrew—there’s a powerhouse out there that we haven’t seen in a long time.”

Gaige Herrera on the V&H team bike

TIM: “Agreed.

“I’d like to work this into an article, is there anything in this conversation that you don’t want to be quoted on?”

GARY: “I don’t care as long as it’s these words, and no words put in my mouth.”

TIM: “Well good luck to you and Karen, I’ll be watching on NHRA.TV.”

GARY: “Going to have some fun and doing what we can do with what we got.”

story and photos by Tim Hailey

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