AMRA at Indy: Top Fuel Harley

“They should just give us the trophy now,” said Mark Conner, crewing for Jay Turner Racing (JTR). It was during a rain delay at the American Motorcycle Racing Association (AMRA)’s first visit to Lucas Oil Raceway Park at Indianapolis. And although Conner’s bold suggestion came to fruition, it was a pretty cocky one considering that JTR was down to one bike in the semis from the five that the team brought to the track.

That one bike was the one ridden by Randal Andras, seen blasting flame in the featured photo above. Andras is one of three JTR riders that have won the NHRA U.S. Nationals at Indy, and after advancing out of the semis once the rain subsided, he  faced another U.S. Nationals winner in the final—Ryan Peery.

Ryan Peery suiting up

“It’s The Big Go, the Super Bowl track of racing,” said Peery. “All the big NHRA teams have their headquarters right down the road. So not only does everyone show up for the annual Indy race, all the teams test n tune there constantly.”

That constant testing—combined with the track’s age—makes it a tricky bitch to negotiate, notes Peery. “The track has some deep grooves from the millions of passes on it. I’ve heard some car guys say it’s sometimes tough for them as the grooves pull you in different directions. That’s coming from guys with four wheels to the ground. It’s harder on two, and then some on just one.

“The right lane can definitely pull you to the center if you don’t stay in a good spot!” agreed Spevco’s Tii Tharpe, one of those JTR U.S. Nationals winners.

Tharpe and Peery fist-bumping before their E1 match-up

“Some guys like myself do enjoy the challenge it gives you to get down the track under power,” added Peery. “At the end of the day it’s still an even playing field among all the competitors.”

What proved to be a challenge for Peery on this particular weekend was the tree, as he went -.004 red against Andras in the final, then out-running the Fast Coonass 6.49 at 217 to 6.53 at 209.

The final—bathed in glorious early evening IRP sun—between Peery (near lane) and Andras
AHDRA champ Tracy Kile qualified number 2 on Frank Capone’s bike and advanced to the semis.

Jordan Peterson qualified number 1 on this beauty built by Mike Henry.
Tuner Mike Romine was key to Peterson’s success

Tim Kerrigan lost to Andras in E1
Jay Turner’s ProCharged bike was one of five that didn’t make the eight bike field.

Juha “Sushi” Hintukainen’s blown bike did qualify on this engine destroying blast, but was unable to run on raceday.
Seeing a rod split as badly as Sushi’s makes my dick hurt!

Trying to figure out what rock star that JT Toth looks like here….maybe Lou Reed. JT was able to run round 1 as first alternate replacing Sushi, where he lost to Tracy Kile.
First round match-up between Cliff Holley (near lane) and Jordan Peterson

Randal Andras and Mark Conner
Tracy Kile
JTR bulldog outside of Tii Tharpe's Prevost
JTR bulldog outside of Tii Tharpe’s Prevost

Incomplete event gallery slideshow…more to come

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story and photos by Tim Hailey

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