AMRA at Indy: Modified and Pro Modified

The American Motorcycle Racing Association (AMRA)’s Harley-Davidson drags first visit to Lucas Oil Raceway Park at Indianapolis wasn’t all nitro. Gas classes tore it up too, including Modified and Pro Modified.

Kimberly “KCharm” DeShields (featured photo above) took out Lake Charles, Louisiana H-D dealer Billy Doherty in the Pro Mod final.  “Just want to give a big thanks to my crew for a great weekend at Indy,” said Deshields. “We won for the first time in Pro Mod on a historic track. Growing up watching the greats race down this track brought a special feeling on the inside for all of us.

“The track prep was meticulous. The track crew did a great job at maintenance all weekend. The weather was crazy but it was all worth it.

“Thanks to Larry and Billy. Their bike had some issues on the line, which gave us the win. Crazier things happen on Sundays!

“I’d like to thank L.E. Carroll Welding, Ladies Only Schnitz Racing, Bumpus Harley-Davidson, Hooligans and Rebel Gears.
We are looking forward to the next race!”

Gary Douglass

Deshields came right back around to run Gary Douglass in the Modified final. “Young Man” Douglass slapped a .002 light to Deshields’ .043, and his 9.247 at 144 held on for the win against her 9.216 at 141.

“I didn’t qualify as well as I wanted, but not bad,”said Douglass. “I’m still having issues with my 60’s. Sunday showed some improvement and I made it to the finals against Kim. I knew I had to cut a good light, so I guess an .002 was good enough. I didn’t think I had it in me. Besides that, I owed her one from the previous race, when she cut an .000 light on me. Things like that sure do make racing fun.

“To be back at Indy after 15 years was great. The racer turn-out was almost like the old days. The weekend was special for me. I had my children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren at the track on Saturday.

“I want to thank my family for taking care of me on and off the track. Also, thanks to Energy One Clutches for their long time support. Thanks to Chad Hart, SA Racing, CP/Carrillo, H. D. of Lynchburg, Jerry Johnson, and Billy Mathias.

“We will see you all at the next race.”

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story and photos by Tim Hailey

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