AHDRA Champions: Reggie “Hamma” Elliot in Pro Outlaw

The AMA/AHDRA All-American motorcycle drag racing series crowned its third year of champions in the Bill and Crissy Rowe era, despite battling some serious weather set-backs. 

The season started with a Gainesville opener that was shortened by shutdown weepers on a beautiful sunny day. A rare Rockingham rain cancellation initiated the first-ever AHDRA/AMRA combined McClure Nationals. And finally, a Florida State of Emergency brought on by Hurricane Nicole canceled the Gainesville Finals. Sometimes, that’s the luck.

But champions persevere, and AHDRA recognizes their best, eleventh in a series.

Atlanta-based StreetKing Racing fields a Harley-Davidson Bagger team that is laid back off the track, but torridly competitive on. StreetKing Reggie “Hamma” Elliot is the AHDRA Horsepower Inc. Pro-Outlaw.

“It was a fun year,” said Hamma. “And it seemed to me that after  winning the first couple of races, things took a turn for the worst. Never the least, I had big fun whether the competition decided to show up or not. Not one I would like to put in my history books, but it is what it is.

Hamma and StreetKing Racing in the Gainesville winners circle.

“I started as a sportsman racer 25 plus years ago in Los Angeles, California. Had the privilege growing up and racing with some of the big names starting with Steve Johnson, Karen Stoffer, and Tommy Bolton, just to mention a few.

“Relocating to Atlanta Georgia, in 2013, I started a new shop, built some awesome bikes, started a great team, and am now looking forward to new endeavors in 2023.

“Streetking Racing would like to thank Snow Man, Dwayne Gee, Khole Sellers, James Mann, Dirty Wade and the entire STREETKING motorsports team.

“Now, let’s get ready to rumble in 2023!”

story and photos by Tim Hailey

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