AHDRA Champions: Chris Ussery in Eliminator

The AMA/AHDRA All-American motorcycle drag racing series crowned its third year of champions in the Bill and Crissy Rowe era, despite battling some serious weather set-backs. 

The season started with a Gainesville opener that was shortened by shutdown weepers on a beautiful sunny day. A rare Rockingham rain cancellation initiated the first-ever AHDRA/AMRA combined McClure Nationals. And finally, a Florida State of Emergency brought on by Hurricane Nicole canceled the Gainesville Finals. Sometimes, that’s the luck.

But champions persevere, and AHDRA recognizes their best, second in a series:

Leland, North Carolina rookie racer Chris Ussery flagged this photojournalist down on the Cecil County Dragway return road at this year’s Zipper’s Performance AHDRA Nationals there. “Get some pictures of me,” he said. With a great looking bike and leathers, I’d already planned on that. And as he ended up winning the AHDRA Eliminator championship, I’m glad I did.

“I’m very humbled to win the Eliminator championship and even place third in 11.50 index,” said Ussery, who won ET at North Florida, 11.50 at Cecil County amongst his achievements. “We struggled at the beginning of the year just trying to learn how to race on a track, but we stayed at it and it came to us!

“I’m honored to race with some great people and meet even greater people around the track, who are becoming family. I have learned so much from my racing family.

“Unfortunately, we had issues at The Rock, which didn’t allow us to finish well. We are working on the bike and adding some XLXB / Chad Hart horsepower in the off-season so we can defend the championship and run after that 11.50 again.

Chris Ussery

“I think we all as kids, especially us men, dream of racing one way or another. For me, it’s always about challenges, I guess. I always went to the tracks in Phoenix, Arizona, growing up, and did a lot of stupid shit on the streets.

“So last year, after being in North Carolina for 20 years, I started to go to the race track because of my good friend Richard Stamey. Watched him a little, then a few races later I put my full dresser on the track a couple times, then decided that this 55 year-old home maintenance and remodeler was going racing.

“At the end of last year I found a 2001 sportster ready to roll in Jacksonville, Florida, from a gentleman that owned it since 2004. So I bought it and was told that the top end had been done by an old Top Fuel guy named James Fort back in 2007.

“I want to thank the good Lord for allowing me to compete for my very first time this year on the track and keeping me safe. I also want to thank Chris Phipps of Swamp Fox Racing, Tim Houghland of Fast Action Racing Team, Twitch’s Stitches, and Russell Smith of FMJ Racing for all their help this season. Thank you very much to Eatmyink and its editorial partners for all the great coverage!

“Bulldog Racing learned so much this year and we coming for more in 2023!”

story and photos by Tim Hailey

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