’23 PRI the Best Ever? Check the Eatmyink Coverage and Decide

Having Larry McBride and his bike in the Worldwide Bearings booth was a huge moment for Dave Conforti (left), who doubled the size of the WWB booth to accommodate McBride’s long, white, missile. Here Conforti and McBride share the glory with Tommy Bolton (right).

Countless fans and racers took turns trying McBride’s bike on for size, but none so hilariously as Pro Stock Motorcycle’s Ryan Oehler. Steve McBride looks on, seemingly thinking “Who is this clown on my motorcycle?”
Race Engine Technology magazine’s Sarah Wakelam took her opportunity to stretch out on the bike.
Larry and Steve McBride in front of their old souvenir trailer, which Prostar racers probably remember.

Tracy Kile brought his Top Fuel Harley to the AHDRA booth. Tracy’s in the center, flanked by his gal “Bad Ass Mary” Dangrow and Eddyville’s Gerald Kramer, with AHDRA‘s Bill Rowe and Daryl Coffin on the ends.
Here’s McBride and Kile
Bolton had his bikes all over the building, including this one in the Advanced Sleeve booth. Advanced’s Jeff and Jeffrey Zaugg pose with Cometic Gasket’s Micky Hale.

Chase Van Sant didn’t bring a bike, but he made what Eatmyink readers consider the biggest announcement of the show—that he will be running NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle with White Alligator Racing. Here he is with Brian Lohnes.

And here’s Chase’s interview with Lohnes:

Chase with his dad Bruce in the Trick-Tools booth.

WAR’s Tim Kulungian with CP-Carillo’s Snake Calvert
Calvert with Bolton, McBride, and Jermaine and Jay Boodie of “Street Outlaws”
Brody Davidson of Brock’s Performance with the new BST Ford F150 rim at the WWB booth.

Here’s a video of Ed Grothus with million dollar bracket race winner Tucker Kanselaar:

When you come down the aisle and see FuelTech’s Anderson Dick and Xtrac’s Andrew Heard talking, you know there’s some special kind of collaboration going on. Eatmyink will have more about that later. With them is Rodrigo Cohen.

I introduced Ida Zetterstrom to NHRA administrative staff, who promptly forgot what I was there to talk to them about and surrounded her…..can you blame them?
Inline nitro lifetimers Chris and Sharon Hand flanking Harley (for now?) star Bob “Opie” Malloy.
Was great to see new Rockingham Dragway owners Dan Van Horn and Alexander Gennarelli at PRI and continue Eatmyink’s partnership with their track.
Speaking of Rockingham and new owners, Man Cup will race their twice next year. Here’s new Man Cup owner Broderick “Hollywood” Jackson and out-going owner Jay Regan.

Worldwide Bearings characters Evan Sotneck and Tom “Mot” Thiele, the human Eatmyink billboard.
Mot worked security, protecting the highly desirable Eatmyink banner at the WWB booth.

WWB studs Ray Golson, Marco Andreano and Dave Conforti.
Here’s the whole WWB crew!

If McBride was disturbed by Oehler on the bike, imagine his horror as “Vape Bro” took his turn in the seat.
Frankie Robins in charge at the Race Engine Technology booth
Land speed record stud Al Lamb in the Kenny’s Components booth.
Lamb is a Dallas motorcycle dealer, but these two studs have San Antonio connections—LBP”s Mike Lozano and Top Fuel Harley hero Mark Conner.
It was great running into Abdullah Al-Shatti, star of the greatest winners circle celebration ever at the Qatar Racing Club. Watch it in this Eatmyink video.
Also great running into Midwestern drag racing studs Bud Yoder and Mark Paquette, who says he’s coming BACK to Pro Stock Motorcycle.
I took a whole lot of photos at PRI, but this one is my favorite. We sure missed our Web Cam girls.

Here’s a video of Greg Russell presenting his tribute rendering to Larry:

Here’s the whole gallery of edited photos. I shot you and you don’t see yourself? Email me and I’ll find you.

And here’s a link to the whole gallery

photos and story by Tim Hailey

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