Sportsman Classes at the AHDRA/AMRA Rockingham McClure Nationals

Finally it’s the sportsmen’s turn for full Eatmyink coverage from Rockingham Dragway’s 31st annual Jim McClure Memorial All-Harley Nationals AMRA and AHDRA event.

Vreeland’s Harley-Davidson Super Gas 9.90

Heather Jendruch belting out the National Anthem at The Rock

Heather Jendruch doesn’t just sing a beautiful National Anthem, she’s also a mean index racer. Heather took the Vreeland’s Harley-Davidson Super Gas final when opponent John Terry broke out, and the championship.

“I would love for people to know that the family of drag racers is the most important part of winning and losing,” said Heather. “I was lucky enough and good enough to win the races I won. It’s about seat time and the grace of God and a great crew chief.

“All the cards fell into place, as I was In third place nationally heading into the final race of the season. I knew there was a chance—albeit small—it was still a chance, and one by one the winlight turned on. Against the odds, and some really great competitors, the final run gave way to an event win and Super Gas national championship.

Heather Jendruch

“However, none of it would mean anything without the amazing sanction owners, competitors—who we consider family—and fans that push us to perfect our skills. So, in short, bring your bike to the races and fill the stands! You are more than welcomed, you’re family!

“I would thank Jim Van Fleet, Energy One Clutches, High Energy Output Performance, Dale Miller at Miller Motors, Hammer Performance, Rick Miller, Gene Zeltner and Mom and Dad.”

SUPER GAS (9.90 index)

Semifinals – John Terry, White House, Tenn., .086, 10.159, 109.55 mph, def. Toddy Hayworth, Mt. Pleasant, .088, 10.339, 130.72 mph; Heather Jendruch, Toledo, Ohio, bye.

FINAL – Heather Jendruch, Toledo, Ohio, .026, 9.801, 129.97 mph, def. John Terry, White House, Tenn., .065, breakout foul, 9.771, 131.91 mph.

Top Eliminator 9.30

Brian Conley Jr. and Nitro Funnybike winner Chris Smith sharing the winners’ circle

In addition to winning the Hot Street championship, Brian Conley Jr. won Top Eliminator 9.30. He overcame Gary DeGrange’s .038 to take the win with a sharp 9.304.

“That was my first win in Top Eliminator and my first event win at The Rock!” said a stoked Conley.

David Doremus took the Top Eliminator championship.

TOP ELIMINATOR (9.30 index)

Semifinals – Gary DeGrange, Ewing, N.J., .124, 9.375, 139.06 mph, def. Ken Strauss, Terrell, .054, 9.476, 138.67 mph; Brian Conley Jr., Country Club Hills, Ill., .060, 9.509, 145.53 mph, def.  Freddy Frazier, Sanford, foul.

FINAL – Brian Conley Jr., Country Club Hills, Ill., .102, 9.304, 126.86 mph, def. Gary DeGrange, Ewing, N.J., .038, 9.453, 131.82 mph.


David Doremus

David Doremus also took a win and second 2022 AMRA championship at The Rock, completing his domination of Super Pro 10.30.

SUPER PRO (10.30 index)

Semifinals – David Doremus, Loveland, Ohio, .052, 10.308, 114.89 mph, def. Kevin Danford, Akron, Ohio, .157, breakout foul, 10.203, 124.49 mph; Joe Gladden, Gastonia, bye.

FINAL – David Doremus, Loveland, Ohio, .171, 10.232, 114.74 mph, def. Joe Gladden, Gastonia, .131, breakout foul, 10.204, 129.74 mph.


Clayton Danford with his dad Kevin. who was number 1 qualifier in and went to the semis in Super Pro.

At this point, I’ve lost track of where Super Street should fall in my coverage—clearly not here—but here it is. Ohio racer Clayton Danford took the win over Hoosier Ted Farley, nipping him at the tree and outrunning him on track.

“Turning wrenches most of the year is starting to pay off!” said Danford. “Finally getting a handle on my hot rod.

“Can’t thank The Danford Brothers crew, Dan Daffner, Chad Hart and Joe Perry enough for all the support!”

Steve Lacy netted the championship. “I’d like to thank Backwoodz Performance for giving me rock solid, dependable horsepower,” said Lacy. “I’d like to thank the AMRA for putting on a first class event every time! I’d like to say thanks to all the competitors that put in the work. I absolutely love this sport!”


J.J. Stringer and family

J.J. Stringer took the Pro Eliminator 10.90 win when Bob Bihl broke out.

“It was my first win and I have been racing for seven years,” said an excited Stringer. “I would just like to encourage racers to stick with it and don’t give up on your dream to win!

“It was a great feeling to get back to the track to see and feel the excitement from my family—who is always there to support me—and my AMRA friends that are family. I was able to watch the videos of the race that were taken from their perspective and the excitement was unreal.

“We had a great year. I ended up being number 2 in the nation by 30 points and I’m hoping next year to get that number 1 plate.”

Cody Hayworth and family

It was Cody Hayworth, however, that took the number 1 plate this year. “It was a fantastic year,” said Hayworth. “Won a couple races, which only one was the goal.

“My sponsor Wire and Cable Your Way helped a lot this year in making it to the races. Need to thank my parents, wife and kids for the support and love. I would also like to thank Croz for giving me something to push towards and can’t wait for next year.”

PRO ELIMINATOR (10.90 index)

Semifinals – Bob Bihl, Alexandria, Ky., .024, 11.016, 119.17 mph, def. Mitch Dibble, Laurenburg, foul; J.J. Stringer, Central City, Ky., .055, 10.934, 101.46 mph, def. Cody Hayworth, Concord, .039, 10.962, 105.90 mph.

FINAL – J.J. Stringer, Central City, Ky., .065, 10.943, 110.05 mph, def. Bob Bihl, Alexandria, Ky., .239, breakout foul, 10.693, 112.58 mph.


Bob Bihl gets his #1 plate from Donnie Huffman

Don’t feel too bad for Bob Bihl. He was able to nail a .007 Bond Bulb and beat Chad Trayner—who had a great .017—in the Eliminator final, outlasting 56 other riders and taking the championship with it.

“It was an awesome weekend, the bike ran great,” Bihl. “Sunday, I faced some really good competition all the way to the end, winning Eliminator and taking runner up in Pro Eliminator along with the E class championship. It was a great year and got to meet a lot of great people and racers along the way.”

Semifinals – Chad Trayner, Lexington, Ky., .046, 11.894 on an 11.500, 93.71 mph, def. Victory Allen, Southern Pines, .395, 11.723 on an 11.670, 112.87 mph; Bob Bihl, Alexandria, Ky., 10.815 on a 10.800, 119.23 mph, def. Calloway Ledford, Sylva, foul.

FINAL – Bob Bihl, Alexandria, Ky., .007, 10.911 on a 10.800, 107.15 mph, def. Chad Trayner, Lexington, Ky., .017, 11.609 on an 11.500, 113.96 mph.


Brad Croneberger

Brad Croneberger scored the Street Eliminator win when Casey Smith broke out in the final.

“I struggled with qualifying and ended up near the bottom of the field,” said Croneberger. “Was able to cut good lights all day Sunday and work my way through a huge field of competitors.

“The combined race, I thought, was a cool thing. Got to race a lot of different guys.”

Mississippian Charlie Walker secured the AMRA Street Eliminator championship.


Semifinals – Casey Smith, Musella, Ga., .231, 11.624, 104.28 mph, def. John Bradley, Ingulls, Ind., .173, 11.683, 104.13 mph; Brad Croneberger, Valley View, Pa., .016, 11.624, 106.21 mph, def. Charlie Walker, Brandon, Miss., .368, 11.592, 87.28 mph.

FINAL – Brad Croneberger, Valley View, Pa., .064, 11.423, 104.77 mph, def. Casey Smith, Musella, Ga., .127, breakout foul, 11.367, 115.15 mph.

There was an intimate retirement party for Steve Earwood upstairs in the Rockingham tower immediately following the event, complete with sash!

That closes out this epic event and the legendary Rockingham Dragway reign of Steve Earwood. Sad that the overcast skies prevented one of those beautiful Rockingham sunsets from closing out the weekend.

story and photos by Tim Hailey

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