Pro No-Bar Gas Classes at AHDRA/AMRA Rockingham McClure Nationals

Today we focus on the no-bar, out-the-backdoor pro gasoline classes at Rockingham Dragway’s 31st annual Jim McClure Memorial All-Harley Nationals AMRA and AHDRA event.

Hot Street

Joe Perry and team

Joe Perry rode his way to the Hot Street win, leaving Brian Conley Jr. asleep at the starting line (.046 to .221) in the final for the win.

“The Rockingham race was awesome!” said Perry. “The pits were packed and the crowd was impressive. The air was great for racing, and the track prep was on point.

“However, the cool temperatures made it a challenge to get a grip for everyone. After the first qualifying round, I was last in the Hot Street field, having tire spin for about 90 feet. With everyone getting just two qualifying passes, I knew I needed a good pass on the second and got it. Ended up number two after the main man, Brian Conley Jr.—the national champion and record holding bike—being number one.

“All the bikes in the class had tightened up their ETs and it looked to be a very competitive eliminations, and it was. I made it through the field and got the win! Along the way I ran a personal best and record-breaking 8.94 pass, but did not back it up for an official record. It was a record for me, though. No other bike with my combination of stock H-D supplied parts and size of engine has ever been in the 8 second zone, as far as I can research.

“I have to thank my bride Lynda Perry, Steve Allstaedt of SA Racing, Chad Hart of XLXB Horsepower, Kent and Nancy Foltz of EnergyOne Clutches, Dave Conforti of WorldWide Bearings, and many others for their support and making this accomplishment possible for me!”

Brian Conley Jr.

Brian Conley Jr. did indeed win the Hot Street championship. “It was a big weekend for us,” said Conley, who also won Top Eliminator 9.30 index. “We missed the first two events of the AMRA season and knew we had a lot of work to do starting that far behind in the point chase. We ended up with the championship by 20 points. This one feels good, really good.”

HOT STREET results – Joe Perry, Kingsport, Tenn., .046, 9.295, 144.18 mph, def. Brian Conley Jr., Country Club Hills, Ill., .221, 9.400, 143.89 mph.

Outlaw Street

Mike Motto

Mike Motto had the quick Outlaw Street bike at Rockingham, but wasn’t able to capitalize.

“We qualified number one and on our second qualifying pass, we set it on kill—or maybe a little more…” said Motto. “The bike ate a valve and we had a nitrous explosion about half track. When I got back to the pit I started tearing it down to see how much damage we had.”

The damage looked fairly catastrophic to Motto, but not so much to engine builder Gregg Dahl. “Gregg walked in looked at it and said ‘Oh, that’s not too bad…I can fix that head and you will never know.’” And he did.

Charley Douglass

Charley Douglass and his turbo bike continued to search for the near-record-breaking pace they had at Milan. But despite their troubles, Douglas inherited the win and secured the AMRA championship.

“This season has been a rough one,” said Douglass. “I have spent the whole season trying to get my new turbo setup dialed in. The Rockingham race was ugly, but I got the win and won the championship.

“I want to thank God for blessing me and keeping Douglass Racing safe. I want to thank my very understanding, loving and caring wife for all she does for me; my dad for being my teammate, friend and supporter; my sister, aunt and nephew for all of their help and support.

“I want to thank SARACING Steve Allstaedt (RIP) for everything you have done for me; Andy Simon, Chad Hart and xlxbhorsepower, Justin Collier, Dan Daffner Axtell Cylinders, Kent Foltz and Energy One Clutches, CP-Carrillo, Joe Perry and Joe’s Parts, Advanced Sleeves, H-D of Lynchburg, Vreelands H-D, Jesse Brown of JB Tech, Victor Gotay, the Ken Browne family.

“Thank you to everyone that has encouraged me during this very tough season. Got Jesus?”

OUTLAW STREET – Charley Douglass, Staunton, Va., .221, 16.171, 45.16 mph, def. Mike Motto, no time.

Pro Dresser

Victor Gotay

“Man, who would think in a million years I would be riding a Harley and setting the MPH record at 175 and backing it up with 174 and racing in a class that has some of the coolest people to race with in the sport,” said Victor Gotay—Suzuki Pro Street racer turned V-Twin Bagger stud.

Riding a bike developed by Mike Beland and currently owned by Scott Williams, Gotay beat Sam Spitzmiller in the Pro Dresser final.

“I would like to thank all the people that make this possible, starting with God, Scott Williams, Elite Motorsports, Andy Simmons for the power plant, Herman Myers for all his help and input, Frank Delzingaro, who has got me into the Harley game and has helped me with tuning and wiring, and Tim Grindle, who is one of the nicest guy in the sport.”

Jeremy Williamson

Indiana racer Jeremy Williamson scored the AMRA Pro Dresser championship. “Greg and AMRA crew did a fantastic job all year,” said Williamson. “Was ran smoothly each race. Very friendly atmosphere for friends and family. Just an all around great experience and glad to be a part of it. It was a tough but great year to come away w the championship. Just want to thank everyone at AMRA and looking forward to next year.”

PRO DRESSER results – Victor Gotay, .063, 8.360, 174.37 mph, def. Sam Spitzmiller, Rock Island, Ill., .191, 9.723, 144.71 mph.

Street Dresser

Jay Dekerlegand and team

The Street Dresser win awent to Jay Dekerlegand. Neither he nor runner-up Scott Tomsu had reaction times to brag about (.226 to .125), but Dekerlegand had the power to win a close race and the points to snag the championship.

STREET DRESSER results – Jay Dekerlegand, Katy, Texas, .226, 10.070, 135.84 mph, def. Scott Tomsu, Layfayette, La., .149, 10.218, 133.35 mph.

story and photos by Tim Hailey

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