NHRA Drops 10 Pounds Off 2V Suzukis

The NHRA is changing Pro Stock Motorcycle weight rules yet again, this time dropping 10 pounds off of 2 valve Suzukis.

White Alligator Racing (WAR) tuner/manager Tim Kulungian thinks this will have a real effect on performance parity. And while he’s not sure at this writing that his team might drop 2Vs back in their Suzuki frame rails, he’s very positive about how the change could help his team remain competitive during tight maintenance schedules with their 4 valves in busy stretches.

“I think that’s a cool thing, I like the decision,” said Kulungian, who noted that his team still has plenty of competitive 2V motors on the trailer.

In fact, when weight was recently added for the second time to 4V Suzukis, WAR owner Jerry Savoie floated the possibility (in a conversation with me) of utilizing his team’s 2 valve motors. Kulungian has previously pointed to the potency of his team’s 2 valve motors.

So would Kulungian consider running his 2 valve motors even when not under the maintenance gun?  “I don’t know the answer to your question. I don’t know. There’s a different gasoline, there’s some different things that are happening now compared to 2019, 2020….I don’t know”

Kulungian noted that there is plenty of weight that could be removed from WAR‘s bikes if they would decide to revert to 2 valves. “These are lead sleds,” he said. He noted that with regular sized guys like Savoie and LE Tonglet, back in the day, he had no trouble making weight with WAR bikes.

Kulungian also praised the opportunity to bring more trailers to the track. “There’s people that have 2 valves, and I like to see people that can and that want to race have a place to come race and still be competitive. I think it’s really cool that NHRA took a look at this stuff and is trying to keep some of these engines relevant during this transitional time. Everybody’s kind of transitioning from the 2 valve to the 4 valve, and I think it’s great that they pay attention to people that own 2 valves and still find a way to have an opportunity to win a round or two. So that’s good.”

Tim emphasized that this rule change isn’t just a number thrown into the wind, but will have practical advantages for the field—including bikes like the one Tonglet raced in Houston this year.

As for the maintenance advantage of this rule change for teams like WAR, especially during three race swings, Kulungian added “You know, there’s a time that we might need a 2 valve and we don’t want to be the total underdog just because we’ve got to race the 2 valve.”

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story by Tim Hailey

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