Man Cup Pro Stock Photos and Highlights

Matt Smith Racing horsepower dominated the first ever Pro Stock race at the FuelTech Man Cup World Finals, just as it pretty well did during the 2020 NHRA season.

It’s not always a good thing when a man beats his wife, but Matthew beat Angie in a very close final round. Matt’s .049 took a .010 advantage at the tree and his 6.812 at a snappy 201.22 MPH was .016 quicker at the finsihline.

Angie Smith

Joey Gladstone took his “For Sale” EBR to the semis, where he bowed with a -.009 redlight.
Gladstone beat NHRA race winner Ryan Oehler in round 2 when Oehler broke.

Angie beat Johnny “Balls” Hall in round 2. Hall ran consistent low .90s, same as he did all NHRA season long.

Chris Bostick rode seemingly every bike in the paddock, but bowed to Matt in round 2 on his own 4V Suzuki.
Steve Johnson and Ervin “Jock” Allen. Steve never made it down the track until eliminations, where he bowed to Angie in round 1.

Charles Poskey pitted his own Petty blue Suzuki under the White Alligator Racing awning. He lost to WAR rider Johnny Balls in round 1.

Here’s a reel of all the photos:

story and photos by Tim Hailey

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