English Beat: Moxley at Santa Pod’s Hot Rod Drags

Santa Pod’s final Nostalgia event of the year was blessed with three days of California weather with a tailwind. There was an excellent turnout for the Hot Rod Drags, with many drivers recording personal bests in both ET and speed—much to the appreciation of the spectators in attendance.

Robin Read

Robin Read got the show off to a cracking start, recording his first 200 mph speed in his new rear engine dragster. Read ran 6.787 at 200.57 in his blown Damlier-powered rail to become the first British engine to run 200 mph plus. Unfortunately, the blower got damaged and ended Read’s weekend.

Supercharged Outlaws

Joe Bond

Joe Bond ran a stunning 6.293 at 226.67 to become the quickest alky burning slingshot outside the US.

Dave Grabham

Dave Grabham was back in the driving seat of Freddy’s Revenge and ran p/b of 7.123-192.25. Mick Checkett 7.570 and Andy Hadfield 7.766 were also in the sevens.

Dave McCallan

Both Dave McCallan’s 9.146-147 and Alan Simms’ 9.612 were p/bs in their pick ups.

Outlaw Anglias

Colin Millar

With the good weather conditions people thought they could see the first six second pass and maybe 200 mph in Outlaw Anglia. Colin Millar was the number one qualifier with a 7.164-192.23.

Mick Taylor

Mick Taylor ran a p/b of 7.729-176.46 for no. 2 spot.

Phil Middleton

Phil Middleton was back racing and ran 8.286 followed by Gary Bird’s 8.474 p/b.

Jon Webster

Chassis builder Jon Webster debuted his Anglia and ran 8.554.

Round one of the eliminations and Millar ran 7.124 at a p/b speed of 194.24. Webster also improved with a 7.622-179.

In round two, Millar ran a-jaw dropping 7.045 at 178 but the engine broke a camshaft at the 1000ft mark. Team checked the data and it showed it would have run 6.9 secs.

In the semis, Middleton had a bye run. In the other semi finals Taylor beat Mercer, who ran his first 8 sec pass over the w/end.

As Middleton drove up to the staging lanes for the final, his motor made a noise (rumours maybe a rocker issue) so that left Taylor a bye run for the win.

Peter Butler

Peter Butler won the Outlaw Anglia bracket race beating Spencer Tidswell in the final.

Jon Webster
Paul Dale

Ronnie Mercer

Wild Bunch

Chris Manning

The Wild Bunch teams put on a fantastic show for the crowd, with 19 of the 25 teams running personal bests.

Chris Manning ran 7.012 -203.38 but had some mechanical issues and didn’t run on Sunday. Tim Roy is starting to improve with his V12 Jaguar-powered slingshot and ran 12.292.

Anthony Colliver

Anthony Colliver knocked over 5 seconds off his p/b with a 10.916.

Other drivers to record personal bests were Craig Greenfield 9.536-144.41, Bobby Wright 9.885-138, and Brian Watson 9.867-129.

Craig Greenfield
Brian Watson vs Bobby Wright

Mark Hartnell

Chris Hartnell let his son Mark drive his slingshot, which was built 51 years ago, was called “Malibu Express 1,” and still has the bodywork.  Mark ran 8.756 at a p/b for the car 153.64 much to the shock of dad. Chris said “He can’t do a wheelie like me,” but he got in the seat and ran 8.629-153.57 to record a career p/b for Chris—with a wheelie!

Chris Hartnell

Andy Stones

There were two new cars. First one not a new car but owner—Andy Stones is now the owner of the “Frantic” altered, which was garaged for 34 years. Stones rebuilt the V12 Jaguar powered car and ran a best of 10.807-120.76.

Jeff Morris

The other new car was the stunning “Malibu Express 3” slingshot of Jeff Morris. Roy Wilding built and constructed the chassis. Morris had some engine issues and managed to do a check out pass on the last session on Sunday.

Gasser Circus

Graham Barton

Graham Barton led the nine car field with a p/b of 10.854 (dial in 10.85) followed by reigning champion Sean Milsom’s 10.102 (10.00) and Kate Booth’s Anglia 10.486 (10.47).

Sean Milsom

Nick Brooke-Langham had brought a new shifter and Milsom fitted it and they faced each other in round one, which Milsom won. Brooke-Langham had shift issues on the run and later said he try to claim warranty.

Jason Hollamby

Former NSRA chairman Jason Hollamby beat Ray Irish and had a bye to his first final.

Nick Barnett

The other side of the ladder Nick Barnett beat Barton and Milsom to reach the final. Hollamby had a better RT off the start line and held on for his first Gasser Circus win.

Steve Matthews

story and photos by Steven Moxley

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