Read the Complete NHRA Lawsuit

Eatmyink has obtained the complete, 21 page lawsuit that the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) has brought against longtime sponsor Coca-Cola. While it may not be exciting reading, it sheds a lot of light on the value of the contract and the sanctioning body’s side of the story.

“We will find a replacement for Coca-Cola,” NHRA President Glen Cromwell said unequivocally on Tuesday in a Zoom meeting with Top Fuel Harley riders, owners and sponsors.

And probably so. NASCAR sponsor Camping World immediately started courting NHRA on Twitter, and there has been an online flirtation ever since.

It was a strange time for Coke to leave the NHRA. While the drag racing sanction could have done a much better job entertaining their fans during the spring months of the pandemic, they’d swung into action by July—holding races with limited crowds at their Indy facility and attempting to sharpen their TV skills. That they were able to hold the U.S. Nationals in front of a limited crowd a mere 7 miles away from where Roger Penske and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway were forced to hold the Indy 500 in an empty Speedway says that, well, at least they didn’t f*ck it up.

You can download the PDF HERE or click on the image below:

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