Knight, Wallace stun with XDA Bike Fest Wins

The Xtreme Dragbike Association (XDA) started their 2020 season with a COVID-cut-backed Bike Fest (all-bike, no-fest), this year sponsored by Ralphie Navarro’s Platinum Fleet Repair.

DME Racing Real Street

Champion sportsman racer Ben Knight (pictured above) showed up to Maryland on Thursday for testing with his new DAS Performance-built, ultra loud (Knight wears earplugs to ride) ProCharged Hayabusa DME Racing Real Street entry. The bike is screaming fast and quickly became a fan favorite over the weekend—hell, long before the weekend, when Knight started posting photos and videos online.

Ben qualified number 3 with a 7.677 and took out Anthony Weindel, Mark Hylton, and Brandon Teasley on the road to the final to face his teammate and class champion, Spencer Claycomb.

Spencer Claycomb

Claycomb qualified #1 with a 7.531, which reset the class ET record previously held by defending class champion Jeremey Teasley. Jeremy not only lost the ET record, but he lost in round one of eliminations to “Super Dave” Stewart.

Team ‘Shake and Bake’ were ecstatic to be in the final together, where Claycomb turned on the redlight, sending Knight to his first pro class winner’s circle.

“I had no idea,” said Ben. “I kind of had a shitty launch. He didn’t seem like he was that far out in front of me, but when I clicked third, it just couldn’t take it. So I was kind bummed and let out of it. I watched the board light up to a .71 (for Spencer) and I thought ‘Well shit, he didn’t even go that fast.'” Knight’s best pass of the weekend was a 7.559.

“I was happy we both made it to the final, but I’m kinda moping down the track. I get to the end and I say ‘Man, I really wanted to win that race.’ And Spencer says ‘You did. Sorry I couldn’t give you a good race.’ I was like ‘What?’ and he said ‘I went red, Dummy!'”

The weekend’s results—which included Brandon Teasley going to the semis on a Kawasaki ZX14—left XDA’s Jason Miller considering a rules boost for the combinations unable to keep up with relatively big riders on supercharged or nitrous bikes. “We are not slowing anyone down,” Miller said emphatically.

Knight—a marketing professional—thanked DAS Performance, ProCharger, Energycoil, Worldwide Bearings,, Full Spectrum Power, Web Camshafts, Vance & Hines, BST – Blackstone TEK, Hard times parts and service, Penske Racing Shocks, Schnitz Racing, Montgomery Motorsports, RC Performance, LLC,, Eatmyink Motorsport Media, Vanson Leathers Inc., Brock’s Performance, Dunlop Motorcycle Tires, UNIT5 Component, 239 Innovations, WHATAGRAPHIC, Branham’s Custom Trim and Jack T Norton.

Orient Express Racing Pro Street

Jeremy Teasley

Defending champion Jeremy Teasley took the top Orient Express Racing Pro Street qualifying spot on the DME Racing GSX-R1000 with a 6.564.

Ehren Litten

Ehren Litten, who holds the MPH record at 232.59, ran an impressive 229.70mph on an entirely new set up for this year. And on his Litten-built and tuned Hayabusa, Greg Wallace also put down big MPH with a 228.89 that will earn him the #4 spot on the Pro Street MPH GOAT list.

Kenny Brewer

Teasley’s turbo Suzuki GSXR1000 had a valvetrain issue and slowed to a loss against Kenny Brewer in round 1, making it his second E1 loss of the day.

Chris Moore

Chris Moore won over his brother Alex in round one with a 6.60, then in round two ran his personal best PST pass with a 6.509 against Rodney Williford, who redlit on his 1000.

Rodney Williford
Gaige Herrera

Gaige Herrera ran a Pro Street nitrous ‘Busa record 6.667 n round two of eliminations to claim the World’s Quickest Nitrous Hayabusa. He lost to Litten in E2.

In the semifinal, Moore faced Justin Shakir, who had problems at the starting line, sending Moore to the final to meet Greg Wallace.

Wallace ran a 6.687 to take out Jason Dunigan in round one, a 6.59 to beat Darion Payne in E2, and a 6.643 against his teammate Litten in the semi.

Greg Wallace

Wallace got the starting line advantage in the final, cutting a .047 light on Moore’s .132. Moore fought for control over his GSXR1000 as it pulled him over the centerline, taking out the 1000′ cone. Greg Wallace won running a 6.547 to take the points lead in what will only be a three-race series this year.

Pro Xtreme

“Showboat” Shane Eperjesi

“Showboat” Shane Eperjesi continued the run he started at the PMRA race in Tulsa, qualifying number 1 with a 3.969 in XDA’s quickest eight-mile category, Pro Xtreme. Eperjesi’s turbo GS looked to be the favorite for Sunday when he also broke the track record to 194.43mph in qualifying. Unfortunately, he was unable to back up the number to make it an official XDA record before he lost in round two of eliminations.

Travis Davis

That loss was to Travis Davis. Travis went on to the final to take on Rob Garcia, who qualified number 2 and ran the quickest passes in rounds one and two of eliminations.

In the final, Garcia ran the quickest ET again at 4.000 to Davis’s 4.050. However, Davis had a much better reaction of .047 to Garcia’s .189, and that win at the tree got him the win at the stripe to make Brandy Davis’ husband the winner.

Pro Xtreme is presented by Ace Motorsports, Billy Vose Racing, Dunigan Racing, DME Racing, Grothus Dragbikes, Harley Haul, MaxxECU, Rob Bush Motorsports, Robinson Industries, Schnitz Racing, Timblin Chassis, and Worldwide Bearings.

HTP Performance Super Stock

David Fondon

Twenty-five riders showing up to compete in HTP Performance Super Stock, a class featuring stock wheelbase motorcycles with limited modifications.

Jyrec Givens, on his 2017 Suzuki GSX-R1000, took the number 1 qualifying spot running an 8.877. Jyrec took that advantage and turned it into a final-round appearance to face David Fondon.

Fondon set two records on his way to the finals. In eliminations round two, Fondon set the MPH record to 161.33, and the ET record in the semifinal with an 8.742 run.

With all that record-setting, it was not surprising to see Puerto Rican Fondon take the win with an 8.860 to Givens’ losing 8.963.

Vance & Hines 4.60

Ronnie Procopio

Terry Tompkins was the number one Vance & Hines 4.60 qualifier, running a 4.603.

But on Sunday, Ronnie Procopio and Steven Shriver were unbeatable in the first four rounds of competition to meet in the final.

Procopio went into the final with the better reaction time average and kept that pace, cutting a .043 light to Shriver’s .076. Shriver ran quicker with a 4.611, but that reaction time advantage gave the slower 4.628 ET of Procopio the win.

FBR Shop 5.60

Dustin Lee

FBR Shop 5.60 index eight-mile was dominated by the DRR team riders from Tennessee. Dustin Lee took the number one qualifying spot with a 5.600.

Lee would then meet teammate Spencer Claycomb in the final for a Hayabusa face-off. Lee won the battle at the tree with a .015 to Claycomb’s .051. With Lee getting the advantage on the tree, Claycomb pushed too hard at the stripe and broke out, running a 5.570, handing the win to Lee.

Crazy 8’s

Tylan Beckelheimer

Dustin Lee also took the top qualifying spot in Shinko Tires Crazy 8’s. The 2019 champion ran 8.884 on Saturday.

In Sunday eliminations, Tylan Beckelheimer took out number one qualifier Lee in round two, and would win three more rounds to make it to the final.

Beckelheimer met Andrew Ritchey in the final. With both riders looking to run dead on 8.88 they both gave the tree a push and cut almost identical reaction times. Ritchey didn’t back off enough at the stripe and broke out with a 8.861 to give the win to Beckelheimer, who ran 8.891.

Mickey Thompson Performance Top Sportsman

Jimmy Shifflett

Jimmy Shifflett may or may not still be a Hillbilly, but he’s definitely a Hustler. Shifflett and Erik Phipps put on a show Sunday night that was a nail biter to the end. Shifflett dialed an 8.06 and Phipps an 8.01, and both riders would cut identical .060 lights. As both riders shot off toward the finishline, you could see them keeping an eye on the other as they gauged the stripe. Shifflett would get the win, running dead on his dial with 8.069 to Phipps’ 8.043.

Shifflet won 3K and then went on to compete in MPS Pro ET for a chance at another 3K. However, Stephen “The Right” Knight would take him out in the semi’s to end that chance for a double win weekend.

MPS Racing Pro ET

Stephen “The Right” Knight

Sunday’s MPS Racing Pro ET the final did in fact feature Stephen Knight, this time racing Wilson Burkhead. Both competitors entered two bikes, and actually faced each other in the quarterfinals also, where Burkhead won when Knight redlit. And in the most important round of the day, it was Burkhead who turedn on the red this time to give the win to Knight.

James Farmer

In Saturday’s race, James Farmer and Bill Maturo Jr won seven rounds to make it to the final. But the final would be uneventful as Maturo was broke and Farmer got an easy final round win.

Brock’s Performance Street ET

Montrell Johnson

Brock’s Performance Street ET saw a rule change for 2020 that requires a true hand clutch.

On Saturday, Maryland racers Montrell Johnson and Laray Proctor won six rounds of competition before facing off In the final. Johnson waited at the tree with his 8.95 dial-in while Proctor left first on his 9.75 dial. With closely matched reaction times, the win came down to who could gauge the stripe better. Montrell took the win when Proctor broke out running a 9.748.

Derrick Milbourne

On Sunday, Derrick Milbourne and Tyrone Dale would be the last men standing. On his 2005 Kawasaki ZX-10R, Milbourne dialed an 8.90 to Dale’s 8.96 on his 2008 Suzuki GSX-R1000. Dale took the advantage at the starting line with a .010 reaction time to Milbourne’s .032. With both racers looking at each other and working the throttle at the top end of the track, Milbourne got the win, taking the stripe first and running closer to his dial with a 9.126 to Dale’s 9.298.

APE Nitrous Bulls

Jeremy Teasley

The APE Nitrous Bulls featured final round action with two grudge bikes making clean, fast passes. ‘Jimmy Hendrix’ ridden by Matt Dozier took on ‘Nipsey Hussle’ piloted by Jeremy Teasley, withTeasley claiming the win.

Monster Bulls

David Page

In round one of Monster Bulls, Howard Green on ‘Son of Sam’ got a bye to the final while David Page on ‘Pickin Pockets’ had to earn his spot—taking out Dave Martin on ‘Gobstopper.’

In the Final, Page put in work again as he and Gerken had a close race with Page taking the win by half a bike length.

Tommie’s Motorsports DMV Bulls

Kevin Johnson

In round one of Tommie’s Motorsports DMV Bulls,’ Quick Money’ prevailed over Jermaine Proctor on ‘5th St Bully’ while ‘Sho Nuff’ took out ‘Da Setup’ to advance to the finals. In the final ‘Sho Nuff’ didn’t have enough and ‘Quick Money’ took the win.

story by Tim Hailey with help from XDA, photos by Terrence Belton  and AJ Pinder


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