NHDRO Kicks Off Motorcycle Drag Racing Season

NHDRO’s previously named Mid-Season Sizzle gets it half-right—June 26-28 at Lucas Oil Raceway will totally sizzle! With a late start because of COVID-19 restrictions, the Midwest’s largest all-motorcycle drag racing series kicks off the season with the first big race of 2020 at a time that would normally be mid-year. And although they’d rather have two races under their belts by now, Brian and Niki Welch can’t wait to welcome the NHDRO family back to the best track on the planet.

Brad Christian

NHDRO will see a full slate of Pro Street contenders on a premium, Kyle Lang-prepped track—perfect for 220+ mph, six and a half second turbo and nitrous streetbikes. Gabe Frederick, Frankie Stotz, Dave Roisen, nitrous-huffing Gaige Herrara, and trailers-full of badass, Quicktime Racing, side-mount turbo, Suzuki Hayabusas ridden by Rudy Sanzottera, Brad Christain, Brett Ware, Jeff Lindeman, Kieth Bobo, and Matt Moen, will all be seeing competition for the first time this year.

Smokin’ Joe Rodney

Pro Ultra 4.60 champion Smokin’ Joe Rodney will have a tough time defending his title against an ever-growing field in the world’s quickest eighth mile, two wheel index class. Runner-up Broderick Jackson, former champ Les Stimac, the whole I-65 crew of Deshawn Wheeler, Jeff Jones, and many, many more.

Joe “Big” Deck

Likewise, Kentuckian Joe “Big” Deck knows that keeping his Hardcore Cycles Top Gas championship will be a major achievement indeed. 8.20 index studs like Kounselor Kenny Schwartz, Mike and Heather Wagner, David “Skywalker” Thompson, Dustin “Biscuits” Lee, Michael D’Addio, Jeremy Teasley and more will all be aiming for Deck.

David Beshara

Crazy Comp champ David Beshara can choose to defend his BB Racing crown in one or both of 8.90 Super Comp or M2.Shocks 8.70 Quick Street—the classes replacing Crazy Comp. The 8.70 index class will be streetbikes only, while Super Comp will allow both wheelie bar and no-bar bikes.

Ron “Ju-Jitsu” Arnold

Street Fighter champion Ron “Ju-Jitsu” Arnold will have to pick up the pace a bit, as the retired 9.50 Street Fighter class is now Dirty 30 9.30 index for streetbikes.

Dustin “Biscuits” Lee

Kevin Dennis Insurance Street ET champion “Biscuits” Lee and MPS Pro ET champ Dalton Markham will have huge fields to overcome, including many of the racers already mentioned.

Dalton Markham

NHDRO welcomes several new classes, including the first, full, quarter mile round of the much-anticipated HTP Super Stock class. A modern riff on the old Prostar Supersport class, Super Stock will allow the best jockeys and most subtle and “creative” tuners to rise to the top. Patrick Cooper, Dustin Clark, Robert Sprague and maybe even former NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle champ LE Tonglet are looking forward to competing at the event.

By contrast, the 240-pounds-and-over riders of NHDRO’s new Pro Supreme class would sink like anchors if thrown into the water. But put these graceful big men in the seat and on the clutch and watch them float like summer butterflies in this no-points class.

NHDRO True ET is also a no-points class, and features true OEM hand clutches. $50 entry gets you a chance to cart off the winnings in this 100 percent payback class.

Kids have always played a big, participatory part of the NHDRO family, but for the first time they’ll have their own class—Hard Times Parts and Service Jr. Dragster. Light ‘em up and let ‘em loose!

Josh Keller

And of course, VooDoo Grudge punctuates the day and caps off the night with the Midwest’s hottest and ready-to-race gamblers. Joey Jobbe, Money Mike Studebaker, Wiggle, Hot Boy, Dre Buckets, Lucky Nemo, Brad Holland, Josh Keller, Ke Ke Jones and more will all be taking stripes for stacks.

Racers from all other series are welcome to come shake off the cobwebs, blow out the rust, and pick up some timeslips. Now is the time to race and NHDRO is the place!

NHDRO thanks M2.Shocks, Kevin Dennis Insurance, MPS, Hardcore Cycles, Liguori Drag Racing, CC Powersports , Schnitz Racing , Voodoo Custom Motorcycle Components, Vanson Leathers, BB Racing, Hard Times Parts and Service, and APE

story and photos by Tim Hailey

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