Races and Exhibitions: how to get your motorcycle shipped

How do you pack your bike when you go to races, exhibitions, or want to take your bike with you on holiday? 

If you’ve seen the movie “The Fastest Indian in the World,” you would have seen a bike packed in a wooden crate and not fixed when you load it at all – it’s a nightmare. 

It all depends on how your bike is packed and delivered. In this article, we will tell you how to avoid such irresponsibility and choose a great company that can deliver your motorcycle.

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The Reasons For Shipping A Motorbike

There are several situations where a motorcycle or scooter needs to be transported. It can either be domestically or at an international level using a logistics company. 

What cases can it be advantageous to use a delivery service?

  • Races and exhibitions. 
  • Holidays. Very often, people want to go abroad and spend time doing their favorite thing. To save time on an actual motorcycle trip to your chosen country, you should consider using courier services.
  • You may be selling a motorcycle. When a buyer is from another country, it may prevent you from closing the deal. 
  • You’re moving abroad. When you plan to settle in a foreign country, you may be tempted to sell your favorite motorbike. It is not necessary, as a shipping company can help you organize a cost-efficient way to take it with you.

How To Ship Your Motorcycle

First, you need to choose a motorcycle mover that meets your particular needs. After you have done your homework, you will need to schedule a meeting and consider a drop-off point to get a price. 

Once you have received the price that suits your budget, book the shipment and pay. Contact your service provider before the day of delivery to make sure all the details are accounted for, you should now be fully prepared for the process. 

Professional motorcycle shippers can get rid of the stress of transporting your motorcycle because they have the experience and specialized equipment to do the job right.

How Much Does Motorcycle Shipping Cost

On average, it costs $400-600 to send a motorcycle about 1000 miles away. For shorter deliveries, it costs about $180-300. 

The price will also vary, depending on what you are transporting, whether it is a road vehicle, motorcycle, or an SUV. 

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How To Secure Your Motorcycle For Transport

There are two ways to send your motorcycle. If it fits the size of a pallet, you can send it as cargo. Otherwise, the transportation company may prepare an individual offer. 

A truck/van will be booked, especially for you, and a professional courier will load your items and secure them for the correct and safe transport of your motorcycle.

If you decide to use a trailer to transport your motorcycles, be sure to follow these steps. They will help you make sure that your bike is not damaged during transport.

  • Fasten and secure the wheels – if you can get a pallet with unique bike cutouts, this is the best option. If not, make sure you obtain the wheels of your bike so that they cannot be moved during transport.
  • Use straps to secure your bike – use at least two of them. One should be used for the front of the bike and the other for the rear of the bike. They should be made specifically for the bike. Otherwise, make sure they are made of soft materials so as not to scratch the body of your motorcycle.
  • Pack away all accessories. Put them in a box and secure them so that they don’t get damaged. Consider packing them with bubble wrap or a soft cloth to ensure safe transport. Use a cardboard box for more accessible transportation.

What to Consider When Choosing a Motorcycle Shipping Company

Generally, there are a few options: open trailer or closed

An open trailer means that your motorcycle can be in the same truck as several other vehicles and will be exposed to external elements. Closed means that your bike is inside the transport vehicle or even in a container.

You will probably want to make sure that you understand what door-to-door delivery means. In short, if you live in a spacious area with no overhanging branches or restrictions, a shipping company can pick up your bike at your door and deliver it to your next destination. 

However, if you live in a narrow, crowded, busy street, dead-end, or in an area where there are restrictions on the types of trucks that can enter it, you may need to meet the shipping company at the nearest parking lot to make the exchange.

In Your Search, Choose A Company That Has:

  • A reliable and proven reputation for transporting motorcycles
  • Has been a specialist supplier of bikes for many years
  • Competitive prices for door-to-door transport of bikes
  • Modern loading equipment and trucks
  • Adequate motorcycle transportation insurance
  • Instant quotes
  • Instant online tracking of your shipment.
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Motorcycle Shipping Tips

You should be ready for what will happen before you send your bike. There are a few things you need to take care of before this happens. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Research companies transporting motorcycles, having received at least three evaluations from three different companies.
  • Decide between open and closed shipping. Are you driving over 500 miles? We recommend driving with closed delivery, which provides much better protection for your motorcycle.
  • Wash your bike thoroughly. Wash one part at a time to take note of any existing damage before shipping it.
  • When transporting in a container, drain the fuel tank and remove the battery.

Before the motorcycle carrier arrives, a single check must be made to protect the motorcycle during transport. 

You should take a picture of the condition of your bike and check for any marks or dents on it. Then, it is better to compare the condition of your motorcycle later. In case of a dispute, show the pictures to the insurance company. Bikes are not often damaged during transport, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

To Sum Up

Whether you pack your bike to go to a race, exhibition or want to take your bike with you on holiday with you, it is essential that your bike is delivered in the most suitable way possible.

To ensure that you avoid unnecessary issues, make sure you choose a great company that can deliver your motorcycle safely.

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