Man Cup: Thursday Notebook

“I was gonna run it out, but I think I’m gonna shut off early,” Larry McBride said to me before his testing lap last night at the Man Cup race at South Georgia Motorsports Park near Valdosta, Georgia, USA. “It’s awfully dark down there.”

The only thing left dark at the end of McBride’s lap were the moods of the Top Fuel competitors who weren’t pitting under a big, white, Trim-Tex awning.

McBride had already made noise on his earlier, daylight pass with a 3.69 eighth mile time. That incremental improved to 3.67 in the dark of night, and on the quickest—and arguably the straightest—pass of his life, there was no way that McBride was shutting off early. The result was a stunning 5.507 at 264 miles per hour.

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Group hug! Roland Stuart and Donna and Wayne Pingel celebrate Larry’s stunning pass

In other news, Richard Gadson is the performance leader heading into the semis of the APE Pro Street Shootout with a 6.49 on Brad Mummert’s nitrous GS
So great to see former AMA/Dragbike Pro Mod champ Charlie Farrar and Reggie Showers’ U.S. Nationals winning Hayabusa back in action.

Janette Thornely made her first 6 second pass on Rich Vreeland’s Top Fuel Harley
Want a championship-winning NHRA Pro Stock Suzuki? Gary Tonglet is here with LE’s NitroFish bike on the block

story and photos by Tim Hailey

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