Full Story Behind WAR’s Second Straight Indy Win

White Alligator Racing (WAR) head honcho Jerry Savoie scored his second U.S. Nationals win in dominant fashion, winning on Labor Day at Lucas Oil Raceway Park in Brownsburg, Indiana.

Qualified only 8th, Savoie and tuner Tim Kulungian found their mojo on raceday, running a string of laps between 6.84 and 6.86 to have the quickest bike every round. Savoie took the winlight when final round opponent Andrew Hines rolled the beams on the 2-step. Jerry finished the round with a 6.851 at 195.25 on his Savoie’s Alligator Farm Suzuki—the first win for an inline four this year.

Here’s video of the final:

2016 champ Savoie beat Ryan Oehler, Joey Gladstone and Eddie Krawiec to reach the final. It is Savoie’s 10th career victory, his first this year, and the second straight win at Indy for WAR. Last year the team won with L.E. Tonglet on the NitroFish Suzuki.

Savoie’s E1 match-up with Flyin’ Ryan Oehler

“The Suzukis have been struggling, but we’ve been working and it paid off,” Savoie said. “I held my composure and we were able to make some good runs.  I didn’t know if I would ever win another one. It’s not easy. It’s an honor to get this second one (at Indy). When Andrew throws up a red light, you better thank God for it because that doesn’t happen very often.”

Hines beat Kelly Clontz, Scotty Pollacheck and defending world champ Matt Smith to earn his eighth final round appearance in 2019 and 94th in his career. He’ll start the Countdown to the Championship as the points leader, while Savoie, who entered the weekend in 10th, jumped all the way to fifth with his winning weekend.

“We’re going to go for it and see what happens,” Savoie said about the championship.

Here’s an in-depth interview with Savoie and Kulungian about the winning weekend:

After the interview, Kulungian expanded on the benefits that Tim Miranda’s Mr. Race Oil has provided the WAR team. “Mr. Race Oil has definitely advanced our program,” said Kulungian. “We poured in horsepower. I couldn’t believe it when I put it in the first time and put it on the dyno.”

WAR in the winners circle
Savoie talking to Eddie Krawiec in the staging lanes

Angelle Sampey qualified #1. “She finally learned to ride that bike, and you can quote me on that,” said Matt Hines. Ride yes, but her racing suffered a touch on raceday as she went -.004 red against Joey Gladstone in E1
“What did you say to her?!” I asked Joey when he came back around.
“What, you mean at the end of the track?”
“NO, in the staging lanes! How did you get her shook up?”
Joey laughed.
Skip said the fact that she was racing “Joey Gladstone” is all that was needed to get her all verklempt. “She know’s Joey’s gonna be cutting a light”

WAR rider Karen Stoffer qualified 7th, then had her bike get squirrelly at launch against Matt Smith in E2
Kelly Clontz qualified 14th and lost to Andrew Hines in round 1
Chris Clontz paying tribute at the altar of Byron Hines. It was during this conversation when Hines said about 4 valve heads coming to PSM Suzukis “I hear it’s been approved. We’ll have one available.” That confirmed a conversation I had with Mitch Brown and Greg Underdahl as Mitch showed Greg one of his Monster heads at the trunk of his Cadillac

Steve Johnson qualified 10th and lost in E1 to Karen Stoffer
Ryan Oehler in the staging lanes
Jianna Salinas ponders her next pass
Angelle—who used to carry the last name Savoie—and Jerry Savoie’s brother Cory, discussing preferred pronunciation of the name

story and photos by Tim Hailey

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