NHDRO Powering into Ohio Valley

NHDRO hits its summer power-band as the Midwest’s largest all-motorcycle drag racing series rolls into Ohio Valley Dragway near Louisville, Kentucky on July 5-7 for the CC Powersports Mid Season Sizzle.

“If you have not raced at Ohio Valley Dragway, you should,” track surface specialist Kurt Johnson said earlier this month about the wall–to-wall concrete, eighth mile venue. “The surface is an absolute jewel.”

And with last month’s St. Louis race postponed till October, NHDRO is anxious to flash the fastest jewels in its high-speed bling box to the Louisville fans.

Morocco 4.60 winner Bob Foster

The Pro Ultra 4.60 class specializes in eighth mile racing and will put that Ohio Valley surface to the test with big tires and big power. Expect a big field of hell-bent nitrous and turbo bikes fielded by former champs Les Stimac and Chase Morris, Dan McCarten, Johnny Bond, Morocco winner Bob Foster, Jimmy Muntain, Sammy Gibbs, Jeff Jones, Louisville legend Deshaun Wheeler, Smokin’ Joe Rodney and more.

Wes Brown

QO Bikes Real Street racers like Wes Brown, Clark Procter and more will be working their no-bar magic with turbo, mountain motor, or nitrous-huffing streetbikes

Former Top Gas dominator Greg Mallett 

Hardcore Cycles Top Gas bikes race to a 5.10 index on the eighth mile. Morocco winner Bruce Damewood, former champ Greg Mallett, Mike Wagner, Kounselor Kenny Schwartz, Mike Hall, last year’s Louisville winner Mika Wheeler, and many more will all be racing for an NHDRO Big Check.

Eric Cooper

M2.Shocks Crazy Comp bikes work the eighth mile with a 5.65 index. Expect Morocco winner David Beshara, Illinois’ Eric Cooper, “Flyin’ Elvis” Bobby Brown, and more to get Crazy in the ‘Ville.

Jeremy England

Penske Racing Shocks Street Fighter will be aiming for a 6.15 index. Morocco winner Jeremy England and Gainesville winner Ron “Ju-Jitsu” Arnold will take on a big field of street fighting roughnecks.

Steve Klemme

Most of these riders will also be racing in Saturday and Sunday’s MPS Pro ET and Kevin Dennis Insurance Street ET races. Morocco Pro ET winner John “Spooky” Markham, and Gainesville winners Chad Isley and Steve Klemme will take on all bracket racing challengers. They’ll be fighting for NHDRO Big Checks on Suzuki Hayausas, Kawasaki ZX14s, dragbikes, no-bar bikes—whatever tool it takes to take the win.

Dustin Lee 

Ditto for Morocco Street ET winner Tylan Beckelheimer and Gainesville double winner Dustin Lee. They’ll face the likes of Scott Sheppard, Wisconsin’s Shawn Books, Indiana’s Mitch Pennington, and many, many more.

Millennium Trailers Pro Street will showcase badass, stretched-out, unlimited, turbocharged or nitrous street tire bikes hitting the 660 with all they’ve got.

Joey Jobbe

And when darkness descends on Ohio Valley, NHDRO’s VooDoo Grudge takes over the strip with classic, free-form, trash-talking grudge racing. Vince Hileman, Joey Jobbe, Money Mike Studebaker, Wiggle and more should be making laps and winning stacks deep into the night.

Brian and Niki Welch of NHDRO and José and Tina Gonzalez of CC Powersports look forward to welcoming the NHDRO family this weekend to The ‘Ville and that jewel on the Ohio for the CC Powersports Mid Season Sizzle.

NHDRO thanks M2.Shocks, Millennium Trailers, Kevin Dennis Insurance, MPS, Penske Racing Shocks, Hardcore Cycles, Liguori Drag Racing, Kenneth R. Schwartz, attorney at law, CC Powersports, Schnitz Racing, Voodoo Custom Motorcycle Components, Vanson Leathers, BB Racing, Quinn O’s Bike Sales, and APE

story and photos by Tim Hailey

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