Richard Gadson Shakes Down PSM Suzuki

Who doesn’t want to see Richard Gadson on an NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle? Richard recently shook down the James Johnson Suzuki at Maryland.

Richard Gadson

“We had some new bike blues,” Richard said about the session. “Small fixable issues. We didn’t test with the intent to run a big number. I mean if we did, cool. But we were just trying to make sure the bike went straight, break in a new tire, make sure it stops, etc.

“The last time it was ran, Lance Bonham rode it and had an accident on it. James never really knew why or what happened. He was concerned about safety. We only got to make two passes before we found an issue that made us park it for the evening. We will aggressively test more in the next couple weeks.

“He’s been building this bike for a couple years. I came to his house almost 2 years ago and we both looked over the chassis and redid everything after that. It’s been quite a process.

“We plan to make Norwalk. But we aren’t applying unnecessary pressure. Next time we test…If the bike is making full, clean laps, we will go enter. If not, we will enter one when we are ready. It’s taken years to get the bike ready, no sense in rushing to a race now!”

The team experienced a pretty big setback later that evening, though. “After leaving the track, a young lady pulled out in front of us and we had a bad accident. The truck and trailer is messed up. So I may not be accurate on saying that we will be testing in the next few weeks. Or racing Norwalk.”

Richard will keep me posted and I’ll keep you posted right here on Eatmyink.

bike photos courtesy of Larry Brown

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