Vance & Hines completes buyout of Eatmyink

The long rumored buyout of Tim Hailey’s Eatmyink Motorsport Media empire by Vance & Hines is complete, as Terry Vance made the last payment on the $6 million deal.

“There’s no doubt that Tim Hailey truly represents corporate America, and that’s what racing is about today—face it!” Vance said through a spokesperson. “No one understands better than Hailey that in the simulacrum, it’s not the facts that matter, but the carefully manipulated presentation of a reality that people can swallow. That’s Eatmyink in a nutshell, and that’s why we’re pleased to have Hailey on board.”

In his comments, Hailey focussed on the buyout figure. “From Colonel Steve Austin to Julius Erving, $6 million is the standard for success in America. Don’t expect any changes in me personally or in what you read and see in Eatmyink.”

Legal notice: As of today, April 1, you will no longer see any bad news or innuendo regarding Vance & Hines, Harley-Davidson, or Street Rods on or any Eatmyink properties.

story and photo by Tim Hailey

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