Business and Good Times mix at PRI

PRI never fails to impress and entertain with three days of constant aisle wandering, parts coveting, and handshakes. Each day is followed by drinks and dinner, every restaurant and bar packed with racing industry heavyweights and wanna-be’s. The sound of credit card swipes fills the air—the sound of racing in December.

CP-Carrillo’s Peter “Snake” Calvert (left) and Larry “Spiderman” McBride

New CP-Carrillo marketing chief Jordyn Hetherington and staff with their jewel-like display of products.
Cindy Verkooij was more than a Marketing Director in her 21 years with CP-Carrillo, but she’s moved on to a great opportunity with JE Pistons. Here she is reuniting with CP-Carrillo‘s Barry Calvert

NHDRO Pro Street champ and the class’ quickest ever—Frankie Stotz—and his Honda in the JE Pistons booth
The Sanzottera’s, Rudy and Vicky, of Quicktime Motorsports

Hanging with DME’s Andy Sawyer, Nick Dovlak, and Dimey Eddinger

Mike Perry and Chris Splees in the Kibblewhite booth
Perry shows off KPMI’s ‘Busa valve guide driver “With a shoulder inside the counter-bore designed to set the height of the valve guide,” said Mike. “It eliminates the need to stop and measure the guide protrusion. Once the driver bottoms out against the head, the height is set.”

MPS’ Dan and Beth Rudd hanging in this year’s defacto meeting spot—the penthouse lounge at the JW Marriott
Now THIS was an interesting discussion in the Worldwide Bearings booth—Matt Smith, Steve Nichols, Derrell Mullis, and Tim Kulungian. That’s a whole lotta Pro Stock Motorcycle know-how right there

Nitro Harley racer Janette Thornley with PSM racers Kelly Clontz and Angie Smith
Ben Knight and his badass buggy in the Full Spectrum booth
PJ Harvey and Larry McBride in the PJ1 booth
IHRA’s Royce Miller and PJ1’s Larry Crispe talk traction compound










Scott Claycomb observes while his son Spencer (left) and Dustin Lee give each other the stinkeye
Angie Smith and Del Flores pose in front of the Matt Polito shot of her Larry McBride-style burnout at Pomona, in the Worldwide Bearings booth
Mitch Brown shows off a cock ring built for Top Fuel winners….or maybe it’s Worldwide’s crank bearing for Top Fuel Harleys
Is there anything more classic than the older brother who builds speed contraptions to send his younger brother on? The Browne brothers Pete and Keith
Ryan Oehler, Kelly Clontz and Angie Smith in the WWB booth

Jessica Sanzottera, Brad Christian, Jeff Lindeman, and Bill Deshong
PDRA PXM champ Ronnie Smith flanked by tuner Shane “No Relation” Smith and Bill Englehart Jr.
Former Orient Express marketing chief Steve Ionescu and unlimited hydroplane Gold Cup champ Andrew Tate
Gary Scelzi and Kenny Koldsbaek flanked by Gary’s sons Giovanni and Dominic
Pro Street veterans Mike “Kavos” Kovacevich and Gaige Herrera
Now here’s a group for you: Eddie Krawiec and Johnny P. with Dan and Phil Stoll and the great Tony Jenkins

Fuel hustler/DRAW rep Steve Leseur and Nitro Harley owner Red Rhea
Matt Smith’s EBR looked badass without the bars
Matt took a liking to Jay Turner’s ProCharged Top Fuel Harley, but Angie says “Hell no!”
Jay shows Larry McBride the pushrods on his new bike in the Manton booth
Kalitta tuner Rob Flynn
DSR COO Mike Lewis and Larry McBride
“Famous Ray” Golson

Here’s Ray with designer Greg Russell
Was really great seeing Wossner’s John Noonan back in action after he missed last year’s PRI while recovering from a serious LSR crash
Mac McAdams and Robbie Hunnicutt
Dave Schnitz photobombs Richard Diggs, Mike Schultz, and Brad Mummert
Fabricator Steve Serafini and Pro Street racer Donnie Taylor
AMRA Funnybike champ Rich Vreeland won “Best Normally Aspirated Engine.” Here he is with his trophy and Jeff Zaugg of Advanced Sleeve.
Thuglife in the WWB booth with Ray, Mot, Joe and Big Dave
Mot says “See ya next year!”


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