Williford Racing Hits the Bars!

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Williford Racing Hits the Bars!

UPDATE: Litten Gettin’ There with Brand New Turbo Bike

Ehren Litten’s timeslip shows a whole lotta room for improvement, but also a high level of comfort and a baseline that could find the pairing competitive very quickly

With Ehren Litten getting quickly up to speed on a totally unfamiliar combination just assembled over the weekend, teammate Rodney Williford finally felt comfortable to go quick on the ex-Mark Rendeluk nitrous bike—a 4.06!

EARLIER UPDATE: Litten Underway on Turbo ‘Busa

Ehren Litten’s second pass ever on a wheelie bar bike, the second pass ever for the bike as well

Ehren Litten’s Monday testing was stymied by faulty shift linkage on his brand new, Pete Browne chassis, assembled staring on Friday, turbo Hayabusa Pro Extreme Motorcycle. But after an overnight drive back to the shop from Darlington and an all night grind in the shop, Ehren’s back at the track and made two hits so far. See his promising ticket above.

UPDATE: Williford into the 4.0s

…but that 60 foot though!

And now the video:

EARLIER: Rodney Williford’s first ever Pro Mod pass is a 1.02 60 foot, 2.70 330 on a half track hit.

Rodney Williford’s first ever, half track, Pro Mod timeslip

Rodney ran the bike out to a 4.16 on his second lap with what Mark Rendeluk calls a “baby tune-up.”

Rendeluk is boiling over with praise for Williford. “I have never seen a guy jump on a bar bike for the first time and ride it as well as Rodney has,” said Mark, insisting that I print his words. “Five passes and all of them consistent! He is a great rider and will only continue to improve!”

Here’s Rodney’s most recent timeslip, the 60 foot time reflecting that the track was going away as the day progressed.

Rodney’s 5th pass ever on a bar bike

Williford Racing is hitting the track at Darlington today and tomorrow, testing two Pro Extreme Motorcycles for Rodney Williford and Ehren Litten to race this year at limited events. “Neither Ehren nor Rodney have ridden a bike with wheelie bars,” said Williford Racing fabricator and spokesman John Gover.

It will be interesting to see how a Williford racing turbo ‘Busa performs in a Pete Brown chassis

“We have built a turbo big tire bar bike for Ehren to ride. We picked up the bare chassis from Pete Browne on Friday and burnt the midnight oil for two and a half days completing the bike. I made the motorplate, bearing support, controls, etc. inhouse at Williford Racing.

“It’s as fresh of a build as they come. The bare chassis without any mounting provisions or real hardware was unloaded from Ehren’s trailer at 10 am Friday morning.”

And early Monday morning, Ehren’s son Brandon was loading it back on the trailer as a race-ready motorcycle.

A new Mr. Paint livery for a familiar bike’s new owner

The turbo bike is a Hayabusa platform, the nitrous bike is the GS formerly and raced owned by multi-time Man Cup Pro Open champ Mark Rendeluk.

Rodney Williford on a nitrous bike, and with wheelie bars even!

“If all—or at least a little—goes well, the bikes will be racing at the PDRA season opener this weekend in Galot.”

Eatmyink will keep you posted on Williford Racing’s testing results.

story by Tim Hailey, photos by John Gover and Mark Rendeluk

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