NSRA Hot Rod Drags at Shakey

A big crowd turned out for what could be the last Hot Rod Drags at Shakespeare County Raceway, and the weather got better as the weekend went on.

Outlaw Anglia

Colin Millar (photo by Steven Moxley)

This year the Outlaw Anglia class celebrates 25 years, and there were over twenty cars entered for the event. Weather disrupted qualifying, so the ladder was done by championship points positions for a 16 car eliminator. Simon Barlow debuted a new engine combination for his Fordson with some test passes.

Phil Middleton cockin’ it full sideways! (photo by Steven Moxley)

The semi-finals were completed with 2017 Outlaw Anglia Champion Colin Millar beating Phil Middleton 7.798-172.53 to 8.649-157.37. In the other semi, Paul Hensher’s 8.093-174.79 beat Jedd Guy’s 9.152-103.23.

Paul Hensher (photo by Steven Moxley)

Rain fell and the meeting came to an end.

Gasser Circus

Brian Gibson (photo by Steven Moxley)

The final round of the Gasser Circle championship saw a good turnout for a championship battle between Brian Gibson and Harvey Turner, and both drivers were knocked out in round one. Gibson won the championship.

John Grant (photo by Steven Moxley)

John Grant beat Tim Holmes in the final when Holmes redlit.

Tim Holmes (photo by Steven Moxley)
Mark Bull (photo by Steven Moxley)
Ian Lloyd (photo by Steven Moxley)
Ian Brown Vs Harrison Brown (photo by Steven Moxley)

Supercharged Outlaws

Steve Dale (photo by Steven Moxley)

The Supercharged Outlaws put on a great show for the crowd with long smoky burnouts and wheels-up launches.

Neil Townson (photo by Steven Moxley)

Best race of the day was Joel Kerr against Neil Townson, with the winlight going to Kerr 7.803-176 to 7.815-191.

Ian Merryweather (photo by Steven Moxley)

There were good runs by Ian Merryweather in his Altered, Lee Galimore, and Kristen Van Croon in her Plymouth Cuda.

Kristen Van Croonenborgh (photo by Steven Moxley)

Paul Watson debuted his new Altered.

Paul Watson (photo by Steven Moxley)
Stu Smith (photo by Steven Moxley)
Ken Brookes (photo by Steven Moxley)
Honky Tonkin (photo by Steven Moxley)
Andy Hadfield (photo by Steven Moxley)
Joe Bond (photo by Steven Moxley)
Wayne Allman (photo by Steven Moxley)
Roger Goring (photo by Steven Moxley)

story and photos by Steven Moxley

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