Man Cup Completes Sportsman Card!

photos by Tim Hailey and Steven Moxley, captions by Hailey.

Dusty Brazel won Street ET on Sunday and runner-upped in Worldwide Bearings Crazy 8s (Tim Hailey photo)
Vance Houdyshell won Sunday’s V-Twin ET race (Steven Moxley photo) John “Spooky” Markham (near lane) won Sunday’s MPS Pro ET final against Harvey Hubbard in the far lane (Steven Moxley photo)
Stephen Knight won Streetfighter against Dustin “Biscuits” Lee in an all-NHDRO regular final (Tim Hailey photo)
Dustin Lee glancing over his shoulder (Tim Hailey photo)
Harvey Deane REALLY cranked his head to the left, while steering his bike right into a brush with the wall (Tim Hailey photo)
Jimmie “Cha Cha” Heisler runner-upped in at least two classes—Super Eliminator and MPS Pro ET (Tim Hailey photo)
More pictures of Spooky….
…because we just can’t get enough Spooky…but mostly because he makes so many passes and goes past my camera so often (Tim Hailey photos)
East Coast stud Boo “Fo.60” Brown (Tim Hailey photo)
NHDRO regular/Vance & Hines crewman Mike Mullaney (Tim Hailey photo)
Mike Hamby (Tim Hailey photo)



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