Johnny Turbo’s Still Got Real Street Magic

story, video and photos by Tim Hailey.

Johnny “Turbo” Dobrin and his well-traveled turbo Suzuki Hayabusa showed they still had the magic, taking another Real Street win (Tim Hailey photo)


Anibal Merced also hasn’t lost a step, losing a very close final to Dobrin despite fighting a wheelie (Tim Hailey photo)

Real Street video highlights reel:

Spencer Claycomb made it to the semis (Tim Hailey photo)
Former NHRA Pro Stock champ Geno Scali on the ex-Gladstone all-motor ‘Busa. Geno went to E2 (Tim Hailey photo)
Jamie Lopes races a ZX14 in Real Street, a ‘Busa in Pro (Tim Hailey photo)
Lopes beat his St. Eustatius buddy Ruvin Pandt in E1 (Tim Hailey photo)

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