Shigematsu Shags Top Fuel Twin

Gang coverage with most of the story by Steven Moxley with help from Tim Hailey and photos by Julie Moxley, Steven and Tim, videos by Tim

Tracy Kile (Julie Moxley photo)

Just like Top Fuel bikes, the V Twins were chunking their rear tires.

Tracy Kile had not planned to be at SGMP and made a last minute decision to come the event. He was using the race as a test session for the new fuel bike he is currently building for next season.

Tracy Kile (Steven Moxley photo)

Kile was the number one qualifier with a 6.550 at 206.26, just ahead of Takeshi Shigematsu’s Pro-Charged V Twin and a 6.561-208.71.

Takeshi Shigematsu (Steven Moxley photo)

Jim Page (Steven Moxley photo)

Sporting leathers with Dan Rudd’s MPS logo, Jim Page made his Nitro Harley debut on a Don “DJ” Johnson bike and ran 6.640-202.00.

Billy Jack was riding his new, ex-Jim Fagin bike, which Mike Romine brought up to the track for Jack to ride at this event. Jack got close to the wall in the shutdown area in the second session and qualified 6.697-205.85. He changed the front cylinder head for eliminations.

Jack kicks up the dust along the wall in the shutdown…..
…and then is all smiles as he acknowledges photographer Steven Moxley
One more of Jack (photo by Tim Hailey)

Tadashi Saito aiming for the vertical concrete (Photo by Julie Moxley)

Another rider on a new bike was Tadashi Saito, who only got the bike three days before the event. Saito had some close brushes with the wall and did some shakedown passes with a best of 8.766-143.90.

Kile had a bye to open eliminations and ran low ET of the meet with a 6.503 at 211.13. Page fitted a new front cylinder for eliminations and ran a personal best 6.594 at 217.49 (top speed of the meet) to trailer Jack 9.875. Saito had a problem in the lanes so Shigematsu had a solo run, posting a 7.749.

The first semifinal was a great race. Kile put an .035 to .116 holeshot over Page and took the win 6.755 at 169.98 to Page’s quicker-but-losing 6.740-203.80.

Kile faced Shigematsu ( who had a bye run in semi-final) in the final and it was even closer than the semi. Shigematsu gated Kile .038 to .096 and took the winlight on a holeshot 6.529 at a personal best speed (on this Pro-Charger set-up) of 215.48 to Kile’s quicker but losing 6.524-189.79.

Tak Shigematsu doing a Pro Street-style burnout (photo by Tim Hailey)

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